How to Exceed Commercial Washroom Hygiene Standards in 2022

How to Exceed Commercial Washroom Hygiene Standards in 2022
Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
April 13, 2022

As we prepare for 2022, Dudley Industries are lifting the lid on poor washroom hygiene. Your washroom may look clean on the surface, but once you take a closer look, you may find that’s not the case at all.

Recent global events have opened our eyes to the impact that hygiene has on our lives, attitudes and behaviours to hygiene are rapidly changing and in turn have highlighted an obvious need for an increase in stringent cleaning practices across facilities. Gone are the days when visitors, customers, and employees will accept poor levels of hygiene within shared spaces. Exceeding hygiene levels not only keeps everyone safe and healthy, but it also creates a positive working environment and impacts overall well-being.

Now more than ever, businesses should be focusing on maintaining high levels of hygiene within the workplace as we enter 2022 along with providing facilities with reliable, functional washroom solutions to ensure proper hygiene isn’t overlooked.  This is an extremely crucial step in a healthy and pleasant working environment as we continue to navigate in a post-covid world. Read our blog on A Guide to a Positive Washroom Experience.


The Importance of a Hygienic Washroom in 2022

Recent studies show that the main cause of germs in the workplace come from poor personal hygiene, however since the COVID-19 pandemic results show that 78% of respondents in a recent survey now wash their hands more frequently. Making it very apparent that hygiene is at the forefront of many people’s minds as we move into 2022. By ensuring that your facilities washroom is equipped with all the correct hygiene measures, you can help prevent and reduce staff illness, increase visitor satisfaction and boost morale. A clean and hygienic washroom environment reflects the quality of your business and its values to all that visit, every single one of us has the right to a safe and hygienic workplace.

In addition to making a great first impression, there are many reasons why maintaining a hygienic washroom is extremely important. The washroom is often one of the busiest shared areas in the workplace, which makes spreading harmful germs and bacteria to other areas of your facility very easy.

The Benefits of Incorporating Touch-Free Washroom Accessories

The benefits of touch-free washroom accessories are designed with touch-less technology as an innovative and effective way to reduce the spread of germs and exceed hygiene levels within commercial washrooms.

As we approach 2022, more people are educated on how bacteria can be found and spread on our surfaces and are therefore minimising the need to touch handles, buttons, and surfaces when using the washroom is welcomed. To ensure that people feel at ease while using your facilities, touch-free washroom solutions may be the best solution. From touch-free soap dispensers to hand dryers and hand sanitisers, hands-free washroom solutions offer a range of benefits including:

  • Removes risk of cross contamination
  • Keeps products safe and hygienic
  • Reduces waste from paper towels and business cost
  • Presents the right impression
  • Reduces sickness leave

Browse our wide range of commercial soap dispensers to find the right washroom solution for you, or alternatively find out more about what to consider when redesigning your washroom for a post-covid world.

The Science of Washroom Hygiene

The toilet ‘Sneeze Effect’ is a term coined by Dr Charles Gerba, a well-respected professor of virology at the University of Arizona.  Dr Gerba conducted a study on the spread of bacteria when a toilet is flushed.  The studies demonstrated that an invisible mist of flush water droplets and bacteria is projected out of the bowl and can spread almost 2.5 metres from the bowl.  In domestic toilets it is recommended to always close the toilet lid before flushing but this isn’t always possible in a public facility.  The bacteria can survive on a surface for up to 24 hours and we don’t need to explain how this stacks up with multiple flushes each day.

Stainless Steel Washroom Accessories

By using a good quality washroom toilet roll holder designed for commercial use, the toilet roll is protected by stainless steel that can be regularly cleaned to remove bacteria easily, therefore making it easier to maintain high levels of hygiene and reassuring visitors that your commercial washrooms are a safe and hygienic environment. Find out more about Dudley Industries wide range of stainless steel washroom accessories.

The Legalities of Washroom Hygiene

It’s not just about making a good impression, there are legal implications to washroom hygiene too. The Environment Protection Act (1990) places a ‘legal duty of care’ upon organisations to ensure all waste produced on the premises is correctly managed up to the point of final disposal. The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations (1992) offers advice on the need for sanitary disposal, drying facilities, the requirement for toilet roll holders, soap dispensers and coat hooks. The onus is on businesses to ensure their washrooms meet these requirements from a legal standpoint as we prepare for 2022. You can read more about washroom dispenser requirements here.

Dudley Industries specialise in high quality washroom accessories to help keep your washroom clean and hygienic for all users.  You can view our complete washroom product range here.

Stay on Top of Regular Cleaning Practices

Germs and bacteria in the washroom can spread quickly, so it’s important that we take the correct steps to minimise the transfer at all times. While cleaning practices have been a priority through the global pandemic, we should remain vigilant and maintain high levels of cleaning in all shared washrooms to exceed hygiene levels in 2022.  While viruses and bacteria themselves cannot be seen, the effects of the illnesses they produce certainly can.

The bacteria and viruses that are most often found inside a washroom are:

  • streptococcus
  • E. coli
  • methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
  • Salmonella
  • shigella
  • norovirus

These can all cause nasty illnesses, some of which can lead to complications, have lasting effects, and cause further health issues including kidney damage, joint pain, urinary issues and eye irritation.  Many of these illnesses are also highly infectious, meaning they are easily passed on to others causing more people to become ill.

Maintaining and staying on top of regular cleaning practices is the best way to keep commercial washrooms and a clean environment in 2022 and beyond. For more ways to remind people of proper hygiene, download our guides to effective hand washing.

Keeping Your Washroom Clean and Sanitary

When establishing your washroom cleaning rota, it is important to ensure that washroom cleans are uniform and always carried out to a high standard.  Always provide a checklist or task list for the cleaner or caretaker of your shared toilet. Usually, this checklist comes from the Health and Safety Adviser or Facilities Manager. Here’s an example of items to include on your cleaning and checking schedule:

  • Toilet seats and bowls should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly
  • Light switches, door handles, taps, flush handles may be less obvious place to clean, however they often harbour more bacteria than a number of other washroom surfaces and require particular attention
  • Ensure soap dispensers are full and accessible
  • Soap, hand towel and other dispensers must be regularly cleaned
  • All surfaces must be visibly clean
  • Check air fresheners and make sure your washroom smells fresh and clean
  • Pay particular attention to high traffic areas
  • Empty all bins and waste disposal units
  • Provide hand dryers and paper towels, keep towels well stocked
  • Consider concealed solutions such as ‘behind the mirror’ dispensers to save space and create a modern look

Exceed Hygiene Standards with Dudley Industries Range of Washroom Accessories

To maintain high levels of hygiene amongst staff, visitors and customers it’s as important now as it was last year to take small steps to improving our commercial washroom experiences and providing safe, clean and hygienic spaces. This starts with having efficient and effective washroom accessories accessible to all users.

With over 75 years in the industry, Dudley Industries take pride in manufacturing high-quality hygienic washroom accessories to help you maintain high levels of hygiene within your facilities throughout 2022 and beyond. Browse our range of washroom hygiene products, or speak to our expert team today to discuss your washroom product requirements.

Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
April 13, 2022