Blog: SubCon Manufacturing Part 2

Blog: SubCon Manufacturing Part 2
Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
June 25, 2018

Expert sheet metal engineering

In our previous blog we looked at the sheet metal engineering services we provide including design, tooling, cutting and pressing. In this second blog we take a look at the finishing and assembly services we offer. Finishing may be one of the last functions in the production process but it is the first thing your customers see so we understand the importance of this vital process.


Our experienced team cover both ferrous and non-ferrous metal in MIG and TIG in thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 8mm.
Our plasma welding robot automates the more complex welding processes increasing our through-put with repeatable quality you can be confident in.
Our welding services are completed with gas, spot and stud welding ensuring a solution for all customer requirements.


Ensuring all products are finished to the highest standards, this process is either manual or robotic dependant on customer specification or the desired finish.
Our ABB robotic linishing & polishing cell polishes the most complex product designs accessing difficult contours with ease.
Our in house Paint Shop provides powder coating capabilities by in-line electro static powder paint. We can adapt to different colour requirements through our quick change over process helping to reduce costs and increase productivity.
As well as standard colours we can apply architectural paints and lacquers as well.


Our extensive assembly cells provide for both flexible and dedicated assembly processes. We provide both manual and electro-mechanical assembly including testing facilities to ensure product compliance and quality.


Understanding the importance of brand promotion we are able to provide silk screen printing and laser etching to present your brand across all products.


We believe it is important to retain this process as a manual task; this ensures we provide a further quality check before items are passed to inspection.


All items are carefully packed and stored prior to despatch in our extensive dedicated warehouse facility. We are proud to operate a Kanban system throughout our facility and warehouse to ensure efficiency.
All projects start with a conversation, so talk to us today about your project and let’s discuss how we can support you to bring it to fruition.
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Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
June 25, 2018