Our History

Since 1942, Dudley Industries have evolved into a major
manufacturer of high-end sheet metal products. Over the decades, the
company has grown from a small engineering company to a company who
now operates one of the most advanced manufacturing factories in
the country.

We’re proud of our history, but we don’t dwell on it, because it’s the future that
counts. But, to give you some background, and show you how we got to where we are
today, here’s a glimpse of the story – so far!

What We Do

Jim Kirk

Responsible for the manufacture of high-end sheet metal products, including

Manufacturer of World Class Products Since 1942

The original company, Dudley Hill Engineering was founded in 1942 in Bradford. The company was transferred to its present site by its owner, Mr Frank Marsh in 1959. The main product was Autoroll Towel Cabinets, for which the main customer was Initial.

The Business, which occupied 16,500 sq. ft. of floor space, was acquired by Initial in 1962. For a short period the company manufactured a range of leisure products under the name of Lytham Leisure Products. The main products being, folding garden chairs and portable gas stoves.

In the early 1980’s the Company refocused on a new range of hygiene products of which the metal CV Towel Cabinet was the major product.

Over the years the Company has designed, developed and manufactured a variety of products – Vending Machines, Fire Blankets, CCTV Camera Housings, Security Boxes.

In the 2000’s the company developed a range of Pest Control products for Rentokil Pest Control and the Elite range for Initial Washrooms. More recently the company has developed the Reflection Range, an extensive range of premium stainless steel hygiene products.


Vision & Values

We pride our-self on our flexible approach and competitive prices. Our skilled and experienced workforce is committed to manufacturing products with an emphasis on quality, for the benefit of our customers.


Washroom Products

We are a leading supplier of washroom equipment to the top 5 Blue Chip washroom consumable companies worldwide and have a reputation with our UK and EU customers for providing high-quality products.


Our Quality

Throughout the manufacturing process and prior to dispatch, products are picked at random and taken through a vigorous set of quality control procedures, maintaining the high standards demanded by Dudley Industries.

Our Products

Our innovation in washroom accessories equipment ensures we continually develop products that offer different types of business the right solutions.

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