Washroom Products For Suppliers

For online vendors of janitorial and architectural washroom hardware, it’s important to cater for a wide range of needs including medical and safeguarding settings. There’s demand at almost every price-point, from the cheapest plastic dispensers to top-of the range luxury equipment. But one thing’s for certain: every good supplier should offer at least one high-quality range of affordable stainless-steel dispensers. Their strength, style and reliability combine to deliver excellent performance and outstanding value for money.


10 year warranty on all washroom dispenser products

At Dudley Industries, we’ve built our name on dependability, but we know that a name alone isn’t enough. That’s why all our dispensers and therefore the dispensers you sell are supported by a 10-year warranty, and all items containing electronic parts come with a 3 year of warranty and specialist technical support.


More than just a washroom dispenser

With decades of experience in the design and manufacture of washroom equipment, we know that you’re interested in more than just a product range. We understand the importance you attach to issues such as availability, delivery and technical support.  As designers and manufacturers, we know every last detail of our products, so you can count on us for no-nonsense technical advice.  All washroom products are manufactured at our site in Lancashire, UK so we can support efficient lead times across the country.


Quality products as standard

All our dispensers are quality assured, we’re proud to be externally audited to achieve ISO-9001:2015.