Washroom Solutions for Care Homes

First impressions count. When prospective customers first visit a care home, they’ll be making snap judgements about everything from cleanliness to the internal décor. So it’s vital that facilities such as shared washrooms are well presented; they’ll influence visitors’ impressions of the standards you uphold. That’s why our stainless-steel washroom accessories are a great choice; they’re stylish, hardwearing and very easy to open, refill and maintain.


Washroom equipment which is easy to use

Our dexterity reduces over time, so it’s important to consider how easy bathroom dispensers are to use.  Soap is dispensed from our manual units simply by pushing the cover, this requires less pressure and avoids having to press particular buttons.  Alternatively our auto soaps simply require a hand being placed underneath. Paper towels are easy to pull down and the internal design helps to prevent any more falling out whilst presenting a new towel for the next user. 




Quick and easy dispenser refilling system

Maintaining the levels of hygiene expected of a care home can be hard.  It is vital to support your care home cleaning teams with the right tools for the job and this extends beyond their cloths and cleaning products. All our washroom dispensers are easy to open with hinged covers and internals that are quick to refill.  Keys are common across ranges making refilling quick and easy.



Specialist washroom solutions for dementia and care home environments

As one of the world’s leading washroom equipment manufacturers, we also offer ranges for washrooms that present special design challenges.  Our ‘dementia-friendly’ range is created specifically for care homes and centres visited by those living with dementia. These units use colour cues to help identify the dispensers from the wall décor and when used in conjunction with our simple, explanative posters they help to maintain independence for as long as possible.