Dementia Bathroom Signage

Dementia is a disorder that affects how the brain works on a daily basis and along with a wide range of symptoms, the disorder can often include feelings of confusion and disorientation. A person with dementia will require a caring and supportive environment to encourage independence and improve their quality of life. Directional signage has been proven to help provide reassurance and create a familiar environment they feel comfortable in.

Toilet Paper

Our free dementia friendly toilet paper sign to help guide and encourage independence for people living with dementia 

Soap For Hand Washing

Dementia-friendly bathroom signage that can be displayed in the bathroom to guide them through the soap for hand washing process.

Paper Towels

Clear, easy-to-read, dementia-friendly signage to be displayed in bathrooms.


Handwashing Guides

With an increased focus on the importance of hand washing and sanitising, it’s important we understand best practice techniques to ensure we are washing our hands effectively to help protect and prevent against the spread of infection.

Hand Washing Using Sanitiser Free Guide

Hand washing using soap and water isn’t always accessible but there are simple techniques using hand sanitiser to ensure effective hand washing until you are able to properly wash your hands.

Hand Washing Using Soap & Water Free Guide

Effective hand washing is the easiest way to protect others and reduce the risk of harmful bacteria, but it’s important to understand the best practice techniques to ensure proper hand hygiene.

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