Anti Ligature Washroom Products

The SafeGuard Anti-Ligature range of washroom dispensers has been designed in conjunction with industry leading experts from the Anti-Ligature Shop. This range of washroom dispensers is designed to help prevent a ligature from being attached for the purpose of self-harm and is therefore ideal for washrooms located in areas used by vulnerable people. This includes mental health care facilities, day centres, care homes, hospitals, detention centres, young offenders institutions, hospitals, prisons and courts.


Anti Ligature Bathroom Products and Accessories

This innovative range provides washroom essentials including our 1L soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and a choice of toilet roll dispensers. All dispensers from our Anti-Ligature range are constructed from high quality stainless steel that is robust and tamper proof.

Anti Ligature Toilet Roll Holders

Our anti ligature jumbo toilet roll holder has been designed with input from the anti-ligature shop to help ensure the safety of al clients and visitors to washrooms where it is installed.

The innovative wall plate and dispenser combination creates a recess for the dispenser to sit in.  The wall plate then sealed with anti-pic sealant helps to reduce the potential for a ligature to be attached.

This creates safe and long wearing dispenser installations in your high traffic washroom areas and the attractive brushed finish, rounded edges and angles go further to help avoid that institutional look and reduce injury risk.

Anti Ligature Mirror

Designed under advice from leading experts, the Dudley Industries anti ligature mirror is the ideal mirror for any environment frequented by vulnerable people such as healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Browse our range of anti-ligature bathroom products and get a quote today. Alternatively, download your free guide to safeguarding vulnerable users in mental health facility washrooms, and help to reduce the risk of in-patient self-harm or suicide. 

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SafeGuard Anti-Ligature Washroom Equipment - FAQs

Q: What is anti-ligature?

Starting with the definition of a ligature, it is something used for binding, in a medical setting it would refer to tying a blood vessel to stop the flow of blood for example. In our context sadly a ligature is used to describe someone using something as a tie or binding for the purposes of self-harm. This could be an earphone cord, belt, shoelaces, or clothing etc.

An anti-ligature product is carefully designed to help prevent a ligature (something that is used to bind or tie) from being attached to it to help keep people safe from self-harm.

Q: What is anti-ligature washroom equipment? 

An anti-ligature washroom dispenser is specifically designed to reduce the possibility of attaching something to create a binding. Safety is the primary concern when designing such a product but so too are the aesthetics. It is important to design a product that enhances the environment and impacts positively on the user’s experience of the washroom.

Q: Why is it important to have anti-ligature washroom equipment in facilities used by vulnerable people? 

Washrooms by their nature are private spaces and it is vitally important to support user’s dignity whilst recognising that they are likely to use the spaces unsupervised and therefore their safety comes first.

Washrooms used by vulnerable people can be in a variety of settings including but not restricted to mental health facilities and also day centres, care homes, prisons, police stations and detention centres.

Q: What makes Dudley Industries a specialist in anti-ligature washroom equipment? 

Dudley Industries know that designing a product that works to safeguard users requires specialist knowledge, which is why we worked with industry experts at every stage of the design and product development process. By understanding the needs of people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Discover the SafeGuard Anti-Ligature range today or speak to a Dudley Industries advisor.

Anti-Ligature Roomset (lighter)