Sheet Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing for Incineration Equipment

Dudley Industries are a market leader in sheet metal manufacturing and contract manufacturing services. With over 75 years in business, we offer intricate metal fabrication work to a range of industries including the design and manufacture of incineration equipment parts.

Our high quality metal products have been used in a wide range of incineration casing products including general and medical waste incinerators, various types of crematoria, and more recently specialist coronavirus incinerators. We have worked with incineration companies on intricate metal casing fabrication projects, ensuring the highest standards and best quality finish for each part produced.


Bespoke Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions for Incineration Machinery

Our contract manufacturing team have decades of experience in sheet metal manufacturing, and ensure our products are of the highest quality and are able to withstand heavy use and harsh environments. Helping to design custom features to perfectly match the design our clients need, Dudley Industries are known for our quality and reliability in metal fabrication work.

With over 75 years in sheet metal fabrication, Dudley Industries continue to aim to exceed client expectations and are proud to put our name to every product we create. Speak to a member of our team today to discuss your custom metal fabrication needs.