Sheet Metal Design Service

The team at Dudley Industries use the latest software to combine design and development with engineering experience to bring your concepts to life.
Our team of experienced engineers use the latest Solid Edge design software to bring your concepts to reality. The team provide design and development capabilities with sheet metal drawings and diagrams, as well as all the specialist equipment, combined with their engineering experience to meet your requirements.

From Design to Production

Whatever stage your designs are at; whether thoughts in your head or detailed drawings we can help convert them into designs suitable for production. We like to work with all our customers to optimise designs to ensure they are produced in an efficient manner delivering value for money.

We can also support your prototyping requirements.

Our plant list includes:

•    flatbed laser and fibre cutting
•    5 axis laser cutting
•    Punch and hydraulic presses
•    power rollers
•    press brakes
•    panel bender
•    corner former
•    robotic linishing
•    In house wet and dry paint plants

The variety in our tools and machinery gives us the ability to bring your ideas to life, in a timely and cost effective manner. View our full plant list here.

What we can provide you

Using the latest software, our experienced engineers and sheet metal designers bring your concepts to life, where we can create detailed manufacturing layouts from an initial idea.

We focus on working with our customers to optimise their designs to be produced in an efficient manner that provides value for money.

Sheet metal parts

We are capable of breaking down your ideas step by step, designing each sheet metal part at a time and ensuring it fit the design brief to be later manufactured into a reality. We always stick to our tight sheet metal guidelines and consider: 
•    Minimum hole diameter
•    The bend radius/minimum inner bend radius
•    Prevention of metal deformation
•    Sheet metal hems
•    Hard material/soft material

These are just a few key aspects of the design we work to get right, leading to an accurate design that will get the job done for your business.

Customisable material thickness

Our engineers will consider the sheet metal thickness and weight throughout the detailed manufacturing layout process to ensure a highly accurate product can be made that will fit its use. 

Sheet thickness and flexibility can make a huge difference during the design and manufacturing process. Rigid products require a thicker sheet metal, but in order to bend sheet metal, it needs to be constructed from thinner metal.

Our sheet metal design and sheet metal forming services  

Our engineers at Dudley Industries are equipped with the knowledge, experience and expertise to design high quality sheet metal to manufacture for your business. Find out more about our full suite of contract manufacturing services here.

For questions regarding our sheet metal fabrication or if you need help with your contract manufacturing needs, contact us today. Alternatively, read more about our metal forming services here.