Metal Forming Services

Our experienced team at Dudley Industries operate diligently to create bespoke parts fit to your specification and with our range of forming capabilities we can establish the best bending process for your project.

Metal Forming Facilities

Press Brakes
We operate 7 press brakes capable of handling a bed size of up to 2m wide. The bending programme is created to the CAD design and downloaded directly to the press brakes. The programme ensures the correct pressure and the acuteness of angle is achieved for your project.

Our team of expert press operators work diligently to create parts to your specification.

Power Presses
Our plant of 8 power presses range from 25 ton to 400 ton providing a resource for all your requirements. This includes a 250 ton hydraulic press and 1 progression press for high volume work.

Our range of forming capabilities allows us to select the best process for your project