Contract Manufacturing for Control Equipment

Whether you are looking for support from the start of your venture, or simply a professional sheet metal fabrication service, Dudley Industries can help. Our extensive contract manufacturing service across a range of industries means we have the skills and experience to take on any metal fabrication project.

Our clients include a number of businesses requiring custom designed control equipment products. Working with a well known supplier, we recently developed a selection of controls for goods and passenger lifts robust enough to endure both indoor and outdoor use for years to come.

Bespoke Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions for Control Equipment

Our professional metal fabrication services mean we can create the ideal control equipment for your manufacturing project, ensuring a high quality finish and a finished product that lasts for many years in all conditions.

Our contract manufacturing team have a wealth of experience in design and manufacture, and each fabricated control product undergoes the most riogorous of testing before leaving the factory. With over 75 years in metal fabrication, Dudley Industries continue to aim to exceed client expectations and are proud to put our name to every product we create. Contact our friendly team today for advice, guidance or a quotation for your next contract manufacturing project.