Dementia Range

Living with Dementia can be extremely challenging and daily tasks we all take for granted such as handwashing or going to the toilet can become confusing and overwhelming for a dementia sufferer. This means using a washroom can be a highly distressing experience. Dudley Industries dementia range of washroom dispensers aims to make the washroom a supportive environment by making simple tasks less confusing and aiding independence for the individual. Our dementia range utilises dispensers and wall plates in contrasting colours of blue and white that help distinguish the dispensers from the wall décor and surroundings. Blue is also know to have a calming quality. The range features paper towel dispensers, 1L soap dispensers and toilet roll dispensers. The products are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and powder coated to achieve the ideal depth of colour, they are robust, tamper proof and extremely durable. Browse the ‘Dementia Range’ range below.