Plant List

We operate one of the most advanced manufacturing factories in the country. Our software, equipment and processes are focused on delivering high quality product every time. This requires an attention to detail and an obsession with improving our products and processes.

Dudley Industries understands what it takes to deliver on time, every time. That’s why we invest annually in our machinery and employees.


  • Competitive prices
  • High quality, high performance
  • Great customer service and communication throughout
  • Skilled manufacturing and production teams
  • Innovative manufacturing processes and work methodologies

Plant List

We are constantly evaluating, reviewing and expanding our plant list, please find below a detailed list of our current in-house machinery and equipment.

No. Machine Information
2 Flat Bed Laser, CO2 Sheet Size Range: 2500mm x 1250mm.
Max Thickness: 4mm Stainless, 4mm Mild Steel, 3mm Aluminium
1 Flat Bed Laser Fibre Sheet Size Range: 3000mm x 1500mm
Max Thickness: 8mm Stainless Steel, 15mm Mild Steel, 6mm Aluminum
1 5 Axis Laser
1 Punch Press Sheet Size Range: 2000mm x 1250mm
2 Power Rollers
9 Press Brakes Bed Size: Up to 2m
1 Corner Former
1 Haegar Press Clinch Studs & Clinch Nuts
Spot Welding Coated Steel & Stainless Steel
4 Stud Weld Up to M8
Presses Range of Presses from 25ton – 400ton
1 Hydraulic Press 250 ton
1 Robot Linishing Cell
1 Robot TIG Welding
1 Paint Plant Powder
1 Laser Etcher
1 Salvagnini Panel Bender

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