Washroom Solutions for Mental Health Facilities

Washrooms dispensers in mental health facilities need to exhibit all the characteristics of a good publicly accessible facility: robust, simple to clean, and easy to open and close to enable quick and efficient servicing. But there may be other design considerations, too, such as using highly contrasting colours to assist residents with dementia, or including anti-ligature designs to help reduce the risks of self-harm. Our stylish stainless-steel ranges meet all these demands and more.


Safeguarding in washroom design

Safeguarding considerations are paramount in washroom design for mental health facilities and any environment where users may be at risk. Dudley Industries offer a wide range of washroom products and solutions to help ensure safety in the washroom environment including dispensers and mirrors designed with anti-ligature and self harm prevention built in.

Safe design doesn’t need to be at the expense of style.  This was one of our priorities whilst working with an industry expert to create our anti-ligature range.  We applied the same principles that we would if designing for a boutique hotel.  The wall plate creates a recess to house the dispenser and with sloping top and no harsh angles on these dispensers help to safeguard the most vulnerable.



Quick and easy dispenser refilling system

Maintaining the levels of hygiene expected of a quality mental health facility can be time consuming.  It is vital to support your cleaning teams with the right tools for job and this extends beyond their cloths and cleaning products. All our dispensers are easy to open with hinged covers and internals that are quick to refill, offering a fast and efficient refilling system to help your staff work more quickly and effectively.  Keys are common across ranges making refilling quick and easy.




Specialist washroom solutions for mental health facilities and environments

Different washrooms and environments call for a different suites and styles of products, that’s why each of our ranges contains a comprehensive mix of products to ensure you have a solution for mental health facilities and centres that offers the safety features you need without compromising on style and co-ordination.