Metal Cutting Services

Dudley Industries invest in the latest cutting technology to enable superior precision and cutting performance for all projects. Our wide choice of equipment allows us to select the most efficient and cost effective method to delivery your bespoke project.

Our investment in the very latest cutting technology enables superior precision cutting performance and quality edge finishes.

We work with stainless steel, steel, copper, brass and aluminium as well as most other exotic metals and alloys.

Metal Cutting Facilities

Our plant includes 2 flatbed laser cutting machines which can cut sheet up to 2500mm wide. Our flatbed fibre laser unit cuts up to 15mm on sheet sizes up to 3000mm x 1500mm. We are proud of our 5 axis laser cutter which allows us to cut complex designs with ease and precision.

We have the capability to laser cut up 8mm stainless steel, 15mm mild steel and 6mm aluminium.

Our punch press provides a valuable alternative to laser cutting handling sheet sizes of up to 2000mm x 1250mm. Punch pressing is ideal for creating shallow forms, countersinking and embossing.

Our wide choice of equipment enables us to choose the best, most efficient and cost effective method to deliver your project.