Scientific & Medical Equipment

At Dudley Industries, we have over 75 years experience in manufacturing high-quality, bespoke sheet metal products for various industries. As a renowned world-class designer and manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication, we work with a range of clients across the scientific and medical fields helping them to stay safe and protected while they work on developing the latest medicines. Our projects include developing ventilated Microbiological Safety Cabinets for laboratories conducting drug and Coronavirus testing to ensure teams are safe.

Bespoke Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions for the Medical Sector

Over the last 75 years we have expanded our contract manufacturing expertise, allowing us to work with leading companies in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors. Due to our specialism in scientific instrument housing manufacturing we have been responsible for constructing metal components for medical storage units. This has aided medical professionals in developing some of the latest medicines and therapies.

We strive to continually improve our metal fabrication work, and to exceed the expectations of our customers. Contact our friendly team today for advice, guidance or a quotation for your next contract manufacturing project.