Hand Sanitiser Dispensers & Stands

With an increased focus on the importance of hand washing and sanitising, customers and employee expectations will be far higher moving forward and will come to expect hand sanitiser to be provided at points of need. Dudley Industries range of quality, robust steel hand sanitiser dispensers and stands provide a permanent hand hygiene solution for your business allowing you to meet expectations and show that you take hygiene seriously. All dispensers are suitable for your choice of hand sanitiser formulation. Dispensers can be ordered in various quantities and orders can be placed by using our enquiry form. Alternatively you can email sales@dudleyindustries.com or call (0)1253 738311 to speak to a sales representative about your business’ requirements.

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Permanent Hand Sanitiser Solutions

Suitable for for businesses from various sectors including hospitality, fitness and gyms, retail, education, leisure and healthcare, our dispensers and stands can be placed across different points of your business to provide the ideal hand hygiene solution. Effective hand hygiene is key to reducing the spread of infection and therefore, by placing hand sanitisers in locations such as entry and entrance points, meeting rooms, kitchens, lifts and stairwells you can help improve hand hygiene standards within your facilities. This can further be encouraged by displaying hygiene guidance posters and signage.

Our hand sanitiser range includes wall-mounted and standing options to suit your business’ needs. All our dispensers and stands can be easily moved or fixed into place where required. To further complement your company style, several finishes are on offer to choose from whilst options for header artwork are available.

All our quality dispensers can be filled using the bulk hand sanitiser formulation of your choice. For maximum hygiene all our dispensers feature a locking mechanism which helps to keep contents secure and free from contamination. By fitting effective dispensers in your organisation, you are presenting the right impression and can have peace of mind that your business is safe for your customers, visitors and staff.

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