Assembly & Cleaning

Learn more about our flexible and dedicated assembly processes that support the final stages of your project, where we provide you with an excellent bespoke service. At Dudley Industries, we are a specialist company in metal fabrication and manufacturing. We want you to feel confident in the quality of our work which is why our assembly procedures include testing from our experienced in-house team to ensure product compliance throughout the process.

In order to meet the high standards of health and safety regulations while delivering high quality work, all our technicians have been trained extensively to handle equipment and machinery and meet the demands of multiple projects. We guarantee you a great result every time!

Contract Manufacture Assembly and Cleaning Service  

Dudley Industries offer excellent professional project assembly and cleaning services at our manufacturing plants to ensure a perfect final product every time. 

Our assembly process involves multiple components to complete a unit, where it is then cleaned and packaged as a product ready for you. We do undertake complex assembly procedures, where multiple parts are assembled throughout sub-assemblies.

Mechanical & electro-mechanical assembly services

We offer a large number of dedicated workspaces to ensure precision for the final assembly of your project. The assembly cells allow us to follow the principles of 5S for efficient working.

We provide mechanical, electro-mechanical and electrical assembly services. These include testing facilities to ensure product compliance so you can be confident in our quality.

Our assembly capabilities:

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electro-mechanical construction
  • Electrical wiring
  • Screen printing and laser engraving
  • Labelling, branding and packing

Cleaning Process

We retain this important final process as a manual task as we believe this ensures our experienced team can carry out a final physical quality check before items are progressed to inspection.

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With over 80 years of experience, providing a full range of contract manufacturing services, we aim to provide you with a very high standard of product assembly processes for your business in a timely manner, with excellent quality control checks at every stage of the process.