Washroom Hand Dryers

Dudley Industries manufacture a range of stainless steel hand dryers to help minimise waste in the washroom. Constructed out of high-quality materials, our commercial hand dryers are attractive, robust, and energy efficient. Our range includes recessed hand dryers and behind the mirror hand dryers; both of which enhance and utilise the space in small washroom environments. Explore our range to find the best option for your washroom and ensure you are providing effective hand drying solutions.

Stainless Steel Washroom Hand Dryers

Hand drying is just as important as handwashing to prevent the spread of bacteria. Wet hands can spread germs so providing high quality, robust hand drying facilities is very important. High quality hand dryers that dry hands fast are essential to keep the flow of traffic moving through your washroom and reduce queues.

Alternatives to Commercial Hand Dryers

If mains power isn’t available, Dudley Industries also manufacture a range of paper towel dispensers that provide an effective hand drying solution.

For more information about our hand drying range and advice on how to select the right hand dryers for your business, get in touch with the experts at Dudley Industries.