Metal Forming Services

Our experienced team at Dudley Industries work diligently to create bespoke parts fit to your specification and with our range of metal forming capabilities we can establish the best bending process for your project.
Our team of experienced engineers use the latest Solid Edge design software to bring your concepts to life. The team provide design and development capabilities along with their engineering experience to meet your requirements.

What is sheet metal forming?

Sheet metal forming is the process that involves force being applied to a piece of sheet metal to bend it into a desired shape. This modifies its geometry, rather than removing any material. Sheet metal can be bent or stretched into many shapes allowing for the creation of high structural integrity items, using minimal materials.

Sheet metal is commonly used in cars, aircrafts, trains, machine components, house appliances and even construction. With such widespread uses, it’s no wonder that it's such a popular method used in the manufacturing industry.

When would you need sheet metal forming services?

Sheet metal forming can be used to manufacture equipment for various industries, such as control equipment, audio and music consoles, and scientific and medical equipment. Dudley Industries tackles the metal forming process entirely to help you.

Benefits of sheet metal forming

There are some great benefits to sheet metal forming processes, such as high accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Let's take a closer look at these benefits.

Allows you to create your desired shape

Metal forming creates specific and accurate designs for many engineering processes and are guaranteed to be finished to an excellent quality. Fast and reliable machinery is used to ensure high accuracy and precision when it comes to forming various shapes.


Automated sheet metal forming is the most cost-effective metal engineering procedure available for manufacturing in large quantities. This is highly automated in large fabrication factories and can also be operated in smaller metal forming workshops.

Quick and efficient

The process of sheet metal forming is quick and efficient. This allows for large scale production in a short amount of time, reducing the lead times it takes for a businesses to receive their orders.

Sheet metal forming process

The sheet metal forming process requires just a few simple steps in order to get the desired result.

1.    Firstly, a flat metal sheet is cut from a stock metal to create blanks. 
2.    The metal sheet is then placed in the forming machine between two tools.
3.    Using the high force of the machine, the upper die (the metal punching tool) pushes the sheet over the lower tool which forms and shapes the metal.
4.    The newly shaped material can be the finished piece or go on to be used in manufacturing other parts. 

While the sheet metal forming processes can be simple, a quality sheet metal forming process is reliant on having the high grade industry standard machinery to be effective. That's where we can help.

Metal forming facilities at Dudley Industries

At Dudley, we have extensive metal forming facilities to deliver high quality products to your business as required.

Press Brakes

We operate 7 press brakes capable of handling a bed size of up to 2m wide. The bending programme is created to the CAD design and downloaded directly to the press brakes. The programme ensures the correct pressure and the acuteness of angle is achieved for your project.

Our team of expert press operators work diligently to create parts to your specification.

Power Presses

Our plant of 8 power presses range from 25 ton to 400 ton providing a resource for all your requirements. This includes a 250 ton hydraulic press and 1 progression press for high volume work.
Our range of forming capabilities allows us to select the best process for your project.

Contact us for sheet metal forming services

With over 80 years of experience, we are well versed when it comes to contract manufacturing and providing high quality sheet metal forming services. We have an extensive sheet metal stock, where we're able to create and form metal for many businesses needs.

Get in contact with us for your contract manufacturing needs, and we’ll help supply you with the best metal forming services around. Alternatively, you can find out more about our sheet metal design services.