Metal Finishing

We offer many facilities in-house to help us achieve high quality metal coating and finishing on even the most complex of projects to deliver an end-to-end service in an efficient and cost-effective way. Our team are trained and experienced to handle a wide range of materials and products across a variety of sectors, to give you the bespoke service you're looking for.

Types of metal finishes 

Robotic linishing

We boast an ABB robotic linishing cell which helps us to achieve high quality finishes on the most complex of designs. The robot progresses products through a series of linishing belts and buffing wheels to consistent lines, complex angles, contours and awkward shapes. 

Powder coat facility

As the name suggests, powder coating offers an alternative to using wet paint. We are proud to operate our own in-house powder coating facility. Our paint plant provides quality in-line electrostatic powder paint. We can adapt to different colour requirements quickly and efficiently through our well managed change over process. We believe that providing many facilities in-house helps us to provide an end-to-end service which helps to reduce costs and increase productivity.

We can apply standard colours as well as architectural paints and lacquers.

 Wet Paint facility

In addition to power paint we also have the capability to wet paint sheet metal undertaken by our expert team. Providing this facility in-house helps us to control the quality and achieve the finish required.

Bead Blasting

Our in-house bead blasting resource provides an alternative surface treatment, this non-directional surface texture provides a streak free, consistent finish even on complex shapes. 

However, if your project requires a more architectural finish we also provide brushed finishes and highly polished, mirrored surfaces.

Our expert metal finishing services are one of the final stages in the manufacturing process, where we will work together to ensure the materials are correctly finished according to your requirements.

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