Paper Towel Dispensers

Dudley Industries offer an extensive range of washroom paper towel dispensers including dispensers from our Anti LigatureClassicPlasma and Dementia ranges which cater to various businesses. Our paper hand towel dispensers are fabricated from stainless steel and powder coated steel to deliver a contemporary washroom aesthetic with added durability. They are also  easy to clean supporting the highest hygiene standards. Make sure you are providing effective hand drying solutions to help reduce the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Explore our range of paper towel dispensers or get in touch with Dudley Industries for more information.

Robust, Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper towels are a highly effective alternative to hand dryers and are suitable for both washroom environments and other locations where a hand drying solution may be required, such as commercial kitchens or gyms. Dudley Industries’ range of paper towel dispensers are user friendly and economically friendly too. All our enclosed dispensers house paper towels safely and securely with several sizes and finishes available including brushed, polished, textured and white powder coated.

Behind the Mirror Dispensers

Space in washrooms can be at a premium and maximising the space your washroom does have is essential to ensure optimum hygiene and flow of users. To combat this problem of space, Dudley Industries have a range of behind the mirror dispensers that utilise the space behind the mirror. Our classic range features flat end and tapered end towel dispensers while our Modulo collection includes an auto-cut paper towel dispenser and a manual towel dispenser option.

Classic Roll Paper Towel Dispensers

Ideal for a variety of locations, our classic roll paper towel dispensers are convenient and reliable. Our range includes various capacities, designs and finishes to cater for all business needs and footfall. All our classic roll dispensers are constructed using high-quality metal making them long-lasting and cost-effective.

Multifold Towel Dispensers

Dudley Industries also offer dispensers for different types of paper. Our multifold towel dispensers are very popular and are designed to withstand the busiest of areas.  These dispensers can be wall-mounted wherever is needed to provide an effective and easy to use hand drying solution.

Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser

For a modern washroom aesthetic, Dudley Industries’ recessed paper towel dispenser is the perfect choice. Similarly to our behind the mirror dispensers, the recessed dispenser is designed to conserve washroom space by easily fitting into the cavities of the wall. Manufactured from premium stainless steel, this unit is robust and can be filled with your choice of C-fold or Multifold paper towels.

We also offer a range of waste bins so towels can be disposed of correctly helping to maintain a clean workplace.

With so many options, take a look at our Washroom Brochure to find out more about our unique solutions or read our blog on how to choose the right paper towel dispensers.