Modulo Slimline ‘Behind the Mirror’ Paper Towel Dispenser

Effective hand hygiene is only achieved when hands are thoroughly dried following washing. A choice of hand drying methods is available within the Modulo Slimline Cabinet offering either a paper towel dispenser or hand dryer. The flexibility of the Modulo Slimline cabinet also provides the option of offering both options to allow visitors to choose their preferred method.

Positioning the drying option above the basin helps to retain any water drips over the basin preventing them from landing on the floor and potentially causing a slip hazard.

The Modulo Slimline cabinet system houses dispensers above the basins, behind a mirror door. The cabinet provides multiple options for positioning the dispensers ensuring that you can place them exactly where they are needed.

Designed and manufactured by the DI team using high quality stainless steel to support the busiest of washrooms.

To configure your ideal cabinet system contact our friendly team.


Stainless Steel 1.4509 


W. 388m x H. 413mm x D . 173mm


Matte black powder coated

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Product Information

Concealed Hand Drying Solution

Large capacity paper towel dispenser suitable for most multi-fold paper towels. Spare consumables can be stored within the cabinet itself and are kept safe and secure with a locking cabinet mechanism.

Learn how to configure your bespoke slimline cabinet with the space you have available by contacting our friendly team.

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More information

  • Part of the Modulo Slimline Behind the Mirror system
  • The next paper towel is presented to the user
  • Quick and easy to refill
  • Large capacity for the busiest of washrooms
  • No requirement for users to touch the unit helping to reduce cleaning requirements
  • Spare consumables can be stored on the cabinet shelf for quick refilling
  • Suitable for most multi-fold paper towels.
  • Utilises a full modular cabinet space.
  • Blanking plates available separately if required


Product Downloads

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