Recessed Range

The ‘Recessed Range’ of washroom products is a stylish addition to contemporary washrooms, utilising space available in wall cavities. As a result, the space in the washroom is maximised, avoiding items protruding from the walls whilst maintaining the original design scheme. Whether your commercial washroom is large or small, it is important to provide hygiene facilities to stop the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Enhance your washroom environment with the sleek and hygienic Recessed range which includes our popular recessed stainless steel paper towel dispensers, recessed hand dryers and 18L waste bins. Browse the collection below or contact Dudley Industries for more information.


Recessed Bathroom Accessories for Commercial Spaces

It can be difficult to encourage and maintain the highest standards of hygiene in your commercial washrooms when space is limited. Fortunately, Dudley Industries’ ‘Recessed Range’ has been crafted to maximise washroom space without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. Manufactured from Stainless Steel, you can rest assured that your washroom dispensers will stand the test of time, whilst the brushed finish will prevent the units from being marked easily.

Choose the Right Dispenser for Your Space

  • Recessed Paper Towel Dispenser – an essential hand drying solution that will seamlessly blend with your washroom décor.
  • Recessed Hand Dryer – featuring touch free operation, this discreet and energy efficient warm air dryer reduces cross contamination and the spread of bacteria.
  • Recessed Waste Bin – a compact 18 litre slimline waste bin that is fitted with an internal plastic liner to make emptying easy and efficient.
  • Recessed Complete System – a complete system combining the full range of recessed bathroom accessories in one. This all in one hand drying solution offers a hand dryer, paper towel dispenser and waste bin to collect paper towels after use.

For more information, download our recessed range brochure or get in touch to find out more about our extensive range of washroom accessories.




Recessed Range: Frequently Asked Questions

How do recessed bathroom accessories save space? 

In a washroom where space is limited, recessed dispensers can help to save space by not protruding into the room itself. Recessing these units in the walls means that they sit flush with the wall décor and therefore, do not obtrude into the main part of the room. This helps to maximise floor space and elbow room, improving the flow of people around the washroom, particularly in high-traffic, commercial spaces.

How deep does the wall cavity need to be?

Our recessed dispensers have been designed to fit neatly into 100mm wall cavities to maximise bathroom space.

How do I clean brushed stainless-steel units?

Clean with warm water and a soft cloth and wipe in the same direction as the brushed grain. Dry thoroughly. Avoid using soap, chemical cleaning detergents or abrasive cleaners.