Commercial Soap Dispensers

Provide a hygienic washroom environment by supplying effective hand washing facilities. Dudley Industries offer a large range of metal and stainless steel commercial soap dispensers that are sleek, durable and easy to clean making them particularly hygienic. Designed for commercial washrooms, we offer an assortment of options dependent on your business’ needs ranging from compact 375ml and 500ml dispensers up to 1L capacity liquid and foam soap dispensers. Our range also includes behind the mirror soap dispensers to maximise limited space in washrooms and soap dispensers from our Anti Ligature and Dementia ranges.  Find out more about our soap dispensers below or by contacting our team.

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Soap Dispensers for Every Washroom Environment

Soap dispensers are a vital fitting in every washroom. Whilst many washrooms in businesses provide free standing soap bottles, wall mounted soap dispensers offer ultra-high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, keeping contents secure and safe from contamination whilst dispensing just the right amount of soap to the user and help reduce waste and costs. With the right soap dispenser, you can be safe in the knowledge that users have soap to hand when they need it for the best hygiene  practices on your premises and in the workplace.

Dudley Industries offer a range of stainless-steel soap dispensers suitable for various types of commercial facilities including offices, gyms, leisure facilities, care homes and healthcare facilities, hotels and restaurants.

Why Stainless Steel?

As experts in stainless steel fabrication, we love stainless steel for countless reasons. It offers robustness and reliability but can also maintain the aesthetics of your washroom with its sleekness and style. Our stainless steel soap dispensers are available in various finishes including brushed, polished or lacquered and our Platinum range of dispensers come in a range of vibrant colours so you can choose the best dispenser to complement your washroom.

Choosing the right style of soap dispensers for your washroom is based on many factors, firstly the look and style from here your decision will also be influenced by factors such as washroom size, design, footfall and servicing requirements. For more guidance, read our helpful blog on choosing the right soap dispenser for your business.

Alternatively, as experts in the manufacturing of washroom equipment, get in touch with our experienced team who would be more than happy in helping you with any questions you may have.