‘Behind the Mirror’ 1L Touchless Soap Dispenser

Dispensers conveniently positioned  ‘Behind the Mirror’ cleverly utilise the space available helping to make washrooms more streamlined and efficient.  This automatic soap dispenser provides a touch free solution to support effective hand hygiene.


Stainless Steel (Plastic Soap Reservoir)


W.212mm x H.360mm (Max) x D.163mm



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Product Information

Touch Free Stainless Steel Hand Soap Dispenser – 1L

Part of our Behind the Mirror washroom range, this stainless steel soap dispenser is concealed in the storage space behind a mirror providing the ideal washroom space saving solution. This enables smaller washroom spaces to provide an important hand hygiene facility whilst helping to maintain the aesthetics of your washroom and maximise available space.

Suitable for liquid soap, this behind the mirror soap dispenser operates touch free for ease of use. 

The unit slides down from behind the mirror so it can be quickly and easily refilled and serviced when required. The dispenser is also locked to prevent access to the mechanism or pilfering of the soap contained within.

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More Information

  • Behind the Mirror ‘slide in’ Liquid Soap dispenser
    Large bulk fill 1L reservoir for your preferred choice of soap
  • Infra red sensor detects palm of hand under the unit
  • Fixing positions located in baseplate
  • Suitable for retro upgrade
  • Lockable for security and to prevent access to soap reservoir
  • Fixes in line with the base of the cabinet to maintain clean lines
  • Battery operated

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