Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towel Dispensers: Which Washroom Solution is Best?

Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towel Dispensers: Which Washroom Solution is Best?
Dudley Industries
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April 10, 2024

When it comes to equipping your washroom, the choice between paper towel dispensers and washroom hand dryers is a significant decision. The internet is full of conflicting information about the hygiene of electric hand dryers vs paper towel dispensers, making it difficult to determine which hand drying techniques are most effective.

Ultimately, this decision can impact client satisfaction, hygiene standards, cost management, maintenance efforts, and environmental considerations. Let's delve into the factors to consider when making this choice.

Paper Towel Dispensers vs Electric Hand Dryers – Which is More Hygienic?

Hygiene is paramount in any washroom setting. A proper hand drying method is crucial as bacterial transmission is significantly higher from moist skin than from its dry counterpart. This underscores the importance of effective hand drying, particularly in public settings where germs are often at an all-time high. Both paper towels and hand dryers can effectively dry hands, but user-friendliness plays a role.

Paper towels offer quick and easy use, with studies suggesting that hand-drying times came to 10 seconds when using paper towels, and 20 seconds when using hot air dryers. While older hot air dryers might take longer, modern high-speed dryers can be just as efficient as paper towels, swiftly removing water from hands.

Additionally, paper towels have the added benefit of being able to be used to wipe surfaces such as door handles, locks, and flush buttons, promoting further cleanliness. Conversely, washroom hand dryers offer touch-free operation, reducing the risk of bacterial cross-contamination as users do not need to touch the device at all.

The Cost: Short Term vs Long Term

While hand dryers typically have a higher initial upfront cost compared to paper towel dispensers, they prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. On average, paper towels are said to be the more expensive option. They cost approximately two to three times more per month than warm air hand dryers and up to 20 times as much as a powerful cool jet air hand dryer.

Calculations show that hand dryers can save up to 87% in operational costs over time. With hand dryers, there is no need for restocking, ordering, storing paper towels, or spending labour hours on refilling. Hand dryers also eliminate the frustration of finding empty or jammed paper towel dispensers.

Paper or Air – Which Do People Prefer?

Preference between paper towels and hand dryers often comes down to location and individual choice. Studies suggest that if three people were to enter a washroom, two may opt for paper towels while one prefers hand dryers.

To ensure visitor comfort, it's crucial to choose the right paper towel dispenser among a wide selection.

Hand Dryers Are More Environmentally Friendly

From an environmental standpoint, hand dryers are generally more eco-friendly than paper towels. Modern hand dryers use up to 80% less electricity, creating a vast reduction in energy usage therefore reducing their carbon footprint. While hand dryers require manufacturing, they have a lower overall impact on the environment compared to the production and transportation of paper towels. Find out more about how hygienic hand dryers really are.

It's important to note that paper towels can be sourced from sustainable, well-managed forests, which can also benefit the environment. However, it takes more energy to create recycled paper towels than to operate an electric hand dryer.

Plasma Hand Dryer SS RHS

Pros and Cons of Daily Use

Paper towels offer users a sense of luxury and comfort, with options ranging from low-cost to high-quality towels. However, this luxury can lead to wastage, as some users may take more paper than needed or leave used towels littered around the washroom.

On the other hand, hand dryers help minimise waste in the washroom and can add a stylish touch to the space. However, not all hand dryers are equal, and selecting the right type for specific washroom requirements is crucial.


Noise Levels

Consideration of noise levels is important, especially in sensitive environments such as care homes, hospitals, and offices. While some hand dryers are quiet, others can be disruptive. In such situations, paper towels may be the preferred option to reduce noise and maintain a peaceful environment.

Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels; Which One is Best?

Ultimately, the choice between hand dryers and paper towels should be tailored to the specific needs of each washroom. Factors such as footfall, design, and user preferences should all be considered.

As a washroom services provider, offering both options allows businesses to choose what best suits their requirements. Some customers may prefer the convenience of paper towels, while others may opt for the efficiency and eco-friendliness of hand dryers. Ultimately, no two businesses are the same and providing choice ensures that all customers are satisfied with their washroom solution and preferred hand drying method.

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By considering these factors, businesses can make an informed decision when choosing between paper towels and washroom hand dryers for their facilities.

Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
April 10, 2024