Applications you didn’t know used Sheet Metal

Applications you didn’t know used Sheet Metal
Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
September 16, 2019

Our team are experts at sheet metal engineering and whilst through our heritage we have designed and manufactured our own ranges of washroom equipment and pest control equipment fundamentally we are a team of sheet metal engineers.  Through our contract manufacturing division we can apply our skills and capabilities to all manner of projects.  If it can be made out of sheet metal we can make it!

As you can imagine this has led to some really interesting projects over the years.  Some of the most interesting we are unfortunately under NDA with our clients and we can’t talk about them, so whilst these are exciting projects they make for a really boring blog! We’re a well-kept secret throughout so many supply chains, helping realise some truly exciting projects if only we could tell you about them, it provides quite a challenge for our marketing department!

Using Sheet Metal in Vending Machine Manufacturing

But let’s focus on some we can talk about, take vending machines for instance.  Vending has seen so many changes over the years. According to Wikipedia the first known instance of a vending machine was in first century Roman Egypt when a clever contraption dispensed holy water using the weight of the coin and counter balances. Today you can purchase your next luxury car at the touch of a button; just press C9 for your Lamborghini in red!

We’ve been involved in the development of drinks vending machines for clients over many years applying our ability to combine water heating technology with dispensing mechanisms within a casing to provide a cup of coffee at the touch of a button.  The style of coffee may have changed considerably in recent years but the ability to combine hot water and instant coffee ‘on the go’ will never go out of fashion.


As payment technology changes the reliance on coins is lessening as more machines accept contactless payments and future looks set to use biometrics to process payments removing the need to carry cash or cards at all.  We believe the biggest influence on vending going forward will be social change as we move away from single use items to dispensing into refillable cups.

 Metal for Security

Sheet metal has an unlimited number of applications which has seen us develop a wide range of products from camping stoves, refrigerator housings and fire blankets over the years.

Metal provides a robustness and strength that makes it ideal for security applications.  We’ve manufactured housings to protect CCTV cameras and equipment and casings for alarm control panels.

Metal for Reliability

As clients approach us for their differing projects we get to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of their particular industry and the intricacies of their products.  This was particularly relevant for a client who made in-line printers for data stamping in food production processes.  Here, reliability was absolutely vital, as was robustness to withstand constant high speed use.

Metal for Style

There are some projects where plastic and metal are both viable options.  Realistically plastic is always likely to be the cheaper option upfront.  But in many instances metal presents a more stylish solution and cost savings in the longer term.  This was the case when working with a client to design a recessed, integrated water cooler.  The highly prestigious location of the Bloomberg building, London required style and function to work seamlessly together.  The interior space design set the standard for offices of the future with the intention of bringing everyone together and encouraging chance interactions and we all know how intrinsic a water cooler is to a conversation.

Metal for Safety

We are proud to have worked with a company to increase road safety by manufacturing a vehicle sign that alerts cyclists to when a HGV is turning left.  The safety of cyclists on our roads is of increasing concern as we encourage more people to take to their bikes for both health and the environment but safety is paramount for cyclists particularly on the inside of vehicles as they turn left.

This particular project presented the challenges of connecting to the vehicle indicators so that the sign flashed in-conjunction.  It also needed to withstand the extremes of British weather and the road conditions.

The resulting sign has been rigorously quality tested under ISO9001:2015 standard and is VCA E11 approved. Rated to IP67 ensures it will stand up to the toughest road conditions protecting it from road dust and dirt, weather conditions and jet washing.

cyclist warning sign

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Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
September 16, 2019