How to choose the right waste bin for commercial washrooms

How to choose the right waste bin for commercial washrooms
Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
October 18, 2018

By Chrissie Rowlinson, Marketing Manager
I’m relatively new to the Dudley Industries team having joined earlier in the year. And whilst I’ve worked in the Hygiene industry for many years, one DI product range really caught my attention, our waste bins, yes a simple bin.  I was surprised to learn that we have over 18 configurations.  And it’s not as if we have one leading product with the others just completing the range, there is a demand for each individual style, and not only that, we receive regular requests for new bespoke configurations which we are only happy to work on.  So what goes into a simple waste bin design?

Why do you need a waste bin in a washroom?

If the method of hand drying is paper towels than a waste bin is essential to collect the used towels.
However, even without paper towels general waste can be discarded by washroom users leaving it untidy and unsightly.  A waste bin encourages the waste to be disposed of properly, helping to keep your washroom looking tidy and reducing the work for your cleaning teams.

Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel Waste Bins

By choosing a metal bin you are choosing a strong and durable unit that will provide good service for many years.  It will withstand accidental knocks and bangs caused for example by cleaning equipment or user’s luggage etc.  And whilst metal may dent if knocked extremely hard, a plastic alternative is likely to crack when exposed to the same pressure.
Metal waste bins are available in a variety of finishes all of which are sure to complement the most stylish of décor.

Which Stainless Steel Waste Bin Should You Choose?   

The things to consider when choosing the right bin for your washroom are:

  • Size
  • Lid Type
  • Fixings
  • Finish

Size:  we provide a range of sizes from a small compact 14L unit through to a large industrial 75L waste bin.  When choosing the right size for your washroom consider the number of visitors, hand drying solution and your cleaning team’s regime.  If your washroom is really busy, how often do the cleaning team visit and what is the impact on their schedule to empty bins regularly?
Lid type:  the options available include an open chute to guide and contain the waste.  A flapped lid helps to conceal the waste but requires a physical action to push open.  Foot pedal options provide the ultimate hygiene control.  A recessed bin positioned in the wall cavity makes the most of washroom space and maintains the aesthetics by fitting flush into the wall with a post box style opening for waste to be deposited.
Fixings:  do you require the bin to be fixed to a wall, either for security, safety or hygiene? For example raising units up off the floor allows for easier cleaning underneath.  Units that are wall mounted increase security but if you need to regularly clean the surface behind the bin, consider options that use a mounting plate, these whilst are still securely fixed they are easier to remove and don’t impact on the wall fixings each time.
Finish:  Stainless steel provides an elegant solution in any washroom.  Our innovative lacquer applied to the Classic chute opening helps to prevent fingerprint marks.  The durable white powder coated finish helps a bin fit discreetly in all locations both in and outside the washroom.
Finally, consider how the bag liner is held in place.  Look for options that securely hold the bag whilst preventing the overlap to be visible from the outside of the bin.  Our solutions include an internal hinged metal strap that securely holds the bag open.  Our Platinum and Recessed ranges each provide a plastic liner.

Choosing The Right Waste Bins For Your Washrooms

 A waste bin helps to reduce litter and keep a washroom tidy.  Choosing one from the same range as the other dispensers helps to enhance the washroom décor, promoting a simple bin to a stylish addition.
We’ve been making washroom accessories since 1942 and re-invest all our experience into our product design and manufacturing ensuring you get the very best range to choose from.

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View our whole range of washroom stainless steel washroom waste bins.  If you would like to discuss the different options available and which is right for your washroom please contact a member of our team.

Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
October 18, 2018