Why you should fit a wall mounted toilet roll holder in your washroom


When providing workplace or public toilet facilities your visitors will hope for just a few simple provisions. Clean and hygienic is a given, so too is toilet roll, soap and a means to dry hands. A few simple considerations to how the consumable items are presented and dispensed can greatly improve your facilities.

The benefits of a washroom toilet roll holder

A wall mounted toilet roll dispenser is a good solution for a washroom for a number of reasons. Let’s explore the benefits in more detail.

Providing a Hygienic Washroom Environment for Users

Presenting toilet rolls securely in a wall mounted dispenser helps to provide a hygienic and pleasant solution for your visitors but it also helps keep the roll free from potential cross-contamination such as dust and moisture and stops them being placed on other surfaces such as cisterns, sanitary units, ledges and floors.This not only looks unsightly and presents a poor image to customers but they are easily prone to theft. Good dispensers can also help reduce the amount of tissue used supporting cost savings and also prevent waste – after all, who wants to use a roll that has fallen on the toilet floor?

Ideal Solution for Washrooms Limited on Space

Presenting toilet roll or paper in a wall mounted dispenser is the ideal solution for washrooms where space may be limited as they can be neatly stored off the ground.When choosing the right toilet roll dispenser for your washroom you must consider the available space, amount of visitors to your washroom and how frequently your cleaning teams are available to refill. Then it is about what material and style best fits with the aesthetic of your washroom.

Choosing the right wall mounted toilet roll holder for your washroom

Wall mounted toilet paper dispensers are easily fitted to the wall (fixing kits are provided with all our dispensers) and can come in an array of different styles, colour and finishes.

If your washroom experiences a high footfall of users, it may be best to install toilet paper dispensers that hold jumbo midi or maxi rolls such as the Classic Jumbo that houses a midi roll in a stainless steel unit. This particular unit features a full metal back-plate which maximises the strength of the unit for durability and reliability.

Single sheet toilet tissue dispensers subtly encourage less paper to be used, helping to reduce waste and costs. The Classic Multiflat dispenser is a small, compact dispenser ideal for washrooms that are a little tight on available cubicle space.

Our extensive range of toilet paper dispensers provides units that can hold jumbo mini, midi, multi flat, standard domestic rolls and multiple cored toilet rolls, all housed within stylish, attractive and durable casings. All come with a viewing window fitted on the side to help quickly ascertain the fill level.Our ranges of wall mounted toilet paper dispensers also boast secure, tamper proof locking mechanisms to help prevent theft and contamination of the contents within, ensuring the toilet paper remains clean and dry.

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