A Complete Guide to Commercial Toilet Roll Holders

A Complete Guide to Commercial Toilet Roll Holders
Dudley Industries
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December 6, 2018

Never is a toilet roll more important than when there isn’t one! And yet in commercial, away from home toilets we encounter time after time the dreaded empty toilet roll dispenser. The embarrassed quiet request from the next cubicle to pass some paper under the divide, the polite explanation to the next person in the queue ‘sorry there is no paper’. This presents such a negative impression on washroom visitors and yet it is such a simple problem to fix by choosing the right dispenser for your washroom and undertaking regular checks.

There are many types of toilet paper dispensers available, so which is the right one for your premises and how do you go about choosing one? In this guide, we take you through all the things you must consider in order to decide on the best toilet roll holder for your business.

Benefits of Washroom Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet roll holders for commercial washrooms serve many purposes and have a number of benefits.

  • Firstly, they house larger rolls and more sheets than domestic alternatives.
  • They encase the tissue, keeping it clean and dry and help avoid contamination.
  • The dispensing mechanism often controls the amount of tissue dispensed, helping to reduce waste and control costs.
  • They secure the roll from the inconvenience and expense of pilfering.
  • They help to prevent theft and vandalism. Although you may not think it, toilet rolls can often be stolen which leads to big business costs if you have to keep replacing it.
  • Finally, they help to present a clean and tidy washroom to your visitors. Without toilet roll holders, loose rolls might be found on ledges and sanitary bins which not only looks unsightly but is incredibly unhygienic. Even worse, toilet roll could end up on the floor.
  • Improves the user experience. One of the most common washroom complaints is lack of toilet roll however this can be easily avoided by choosing the right holder that houses a suitable amount of paper so you never run out!

Types of toilet roll holders

There are a number of different types of toilet roll dispensers and what you choose will entirely depend on your washroom design and footfall. Different toilet roll holders may accommodate different paper such as standard toilet rolls, cored rolls, flat sheets and jumbo rolls.

We provide a wide range of toilet roll and tissue dispensers all made to the highest standard out of high-quality metal and stainless steel. A metal dispenser not only looks stylish but is highly durable to withstand regular use and refilling. Not only this but all our toilet paper dispensers enclose rolls and therefore the age old debate of which way should paper hang is avoided!

Double toilet roll holders

Platinum 2 Roll Toilet Dispenser

Our 2 roll dispensers are all suitable for cored toilet rolls, each roll providing 100 metres of tissue and the reserve roll drops into place when required. The window provides a quick visual check on fill levels making it quick and easy for the cleaning staff to know which units need refilling.

Discover the other benefits of double toilet roll holders.

Jumbo toilet roll dispensersClassic Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

Finally, jumbo paper dispensers provide a large capacity to house jumbo toilet rolls making them ideal for the busiest of washrooms. However, not all jumbo toilet rolls are created equally! There are minimidi and maxi jumbo rolls. Dimensions will differ between paper manufacturers but generally a midi roll is 150m, a midi 250m and a maxi 300m.

To allow for the different paper manufacturers specifications our jumbo dispensers are designed to hold different core sizes and can accommodate cores from 45mm to 76mm providing flexibility in the choice of paper.

The jumbo dispenser design incorporates a fully enclosed back plate for increased strength and resistance to vandalism which is also supported by the positioning of the slam lock mechanism on the top.

Non-perforated paper is easily torn against the soft teeth of the dispenser.

Triple toilet roll holders

If you prefer the convenience of purchasing standard toilet rolls the Classic 3 roll toilet paper dispenser is ideal for busy environments. The spare rolls are stored out of contact with the roll in use until they are required.

Multi-flat toilet paper dispensersClassic toilet tissue dispenser

Ideal for smaller washrooms, a multi-flat paper dispenser houses individual sheets. Individual sheets encourage washroom users to use less tissue helping to reduce both costs and waste.

Wall-Mounted vs Non-Wall-Mounted Toilet Roll Holders

In domestic settings, free standing toilet roll holders are common however in commercial settings wall-mounted toilet roll holders may be a better alternative. Wall-mounted toilet roll holders can save space in your washroom by being stored above the ground. This further helps to reduce cross contamination as they are fitted in one place.

Wall mounted toilet roll holders can also benefit the user experience, by ensuring paper is at an accessible height for all.

Types of Material Used for Dispensers

Various materials are used to manufacture toilet roll holders.  From stainless steel to plastic to wood to brass, there’s a toilet roll holder out there suitable for every washroom environment. However, when making your choice it’s important to consider the quality and benefits of each material. Whilst plastic maybe cost-effective when you first buy them, you may need to replace your dispensers more frequently. This means in the long run they may not be as cost effective.

Wood is another common material used to manufacture dispensers; very often seen in the home. Wood can certain rustic charm to your bathroom however they are not as suitable in commercial environments that withstand heavy use. Wood can stain easily and high or low temperatures can affect it’s durability over time.

Arguably the most durable material is stainless steel. Stainless steel toilet roll dispensers can withstand the test of time due to strong construction in addition to adding style and sophistication to any washroom.

Which toilet roll holder is best for your washroom?


You don’t want to have to worry about your users not having the hygiene essentials they need when using your washroom. Therefore, choosing the right toilet roll holder to accommodate your washroom design and footfall is vital. Space can often be at a premium in washrooms so your business may benefit from 2 roll dispensers. However, if you’re a restaurant or train station that experiences high footfall, a jumbo toilet roll dispenser may be better suited.


Another factor to consider when choosing toilet roll holders is maintenance and how often your team replenish stocks or clean the dispensers. To reduce maintenance time, a toilet roll dispenser that houses 3 rolls can be more beneficial.


What you choose may decide on the business itself and what industry you are in. Personal preference and taste will be a deciding factor however you have to consider your environment. In high end restaurants or hotels, style will be more important and therefore you may opt for dispensers with sleek lines and a premium finish to convey quality. Premium holders tend to be the favoured choice amongst architects and interior designs such as this toilet roll dispenser or this design that features a patterned finish.

In healthcare settings such as care homes and hospitals, specifying the right fittings is even more crucial to ensure users can perform daily activities without difficulty. For example, if your washroom is used by dementia sufferers, make the process of going to the toilet easier with this toilet roll holder that utilises blue and white contrasting colours so it can be distinguished from the wall.

If there is a risk of self-harm in your premises such as in mental health facilities or detention centres, then you will need to seek a toilet paper holder that safeguards your washroom users and that helps to prevent a ligature from being attached. Dudley Industries have developed the Anti-Ligature range of washroom dispensers including this toilet roll dispenser.anti ligature toilet roll dispenser

As there are a range of factors that come into play when choosing a toilet roll holder, an experienced washroom accessories manufacturer will be able to help you make the right decision. To help you make your decision on how to choose the right products for you, read our helpful guide to washroom products guide. 

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There is no doubting a toilet paper dispenser is an essential item in a washroom, but a full dispenser is even more important.

Don’t leave your visitors with the impression that you’ve not looked after the smallest detail. By choosing the right dispenser for your washroom you can present a stylish, hygienic washroom that is easy for your cleaning team to manage and keep well stocked.

At Dudley Industries we are experts in designing and manufacturing commercial toilet roll dispensers. With a variety of designs and finishes available you’ll be able to find the perfect dispenser for your washroom and visitor numbers

If you would like to find out more about Dudley Industries’ commercial toilet roll holders then please contact a member of our team who will be happy to help and talk you through the options.

Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
December 6, 2018