Why We Love Metal


Here at Dudley Industries we’ve been thinking about the benefits of metal fabrication, it is often wrongly disregarded as a potentially expensive solution, but we believe there are significant advantages for choosing metal.

Our ethos is always quality and ensuring the longevity of our products, believing that manufacturing a product to provide many years of service is the best and most cost effective outcome for our clients.
There are also significant environmental advantages by producing long lasting quality products. But when our products do reach the end of their life they are fully, 100% recyclable. In fact most metals can be recycled numerous times ensuring nothing goes to waste.
Did you know that most stainless steel is made up of 60% re-cycled content? According the British Stainless Steel Association[1] 27m tonnes of stainless steel was produced in 2007, of which approximately 16m tonnes was re-cycled or other materials. And as we use more and more steel the re-cycled content will only increase.
At Dudley, we are proud to use AbbeySteelTM an innovative solution which re-uses waste steel from the Automotive Industry and re-purposes it. An even more environmentally friendly alternative to recycling as it only uses fuel for transportation and re-purposing and doesn’t require smelting in a furnace.

What other benefits does metal fabrication provide?

No VOCs: in areas where air quality is important metals do not emit Volatile Organic Compounds
Hygiene: metals in particular can be steam cleaned to provide the highest standards of cleanliness. Stainless steel is the choice for water storage and pipework as it helps to prevent bacterial biofilms forming on the surface.
Durability: accidents happen and vandalism is unfortunately a common occurrence so a strong construction ensures our products survive in the toughest conditions
Aesthetics: a washroom fitted with metal washroom dispensers is undeniably attractive. If you are specifying fixtures and fittings for longevity why choose anything other than metal both for its beauty and durability?
We’re convinced of the benefits of metal and we hope we’ve convinced you too.
So, if you are investigating having a product or component manufactured, consider if a metal alternative would be more advantageous.
Contact us today to discuss how our design team can bring your ideas to life or take a look at our range of washroom hygiene dispensers.

[1] https://www.bssa.org.uk/sectors.php?id=99