Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Washroom Accessories

Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Washroom Accessories
Dudley Industries
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August 15, 2018

There is much evidence available to support the positive effect that providing hygienic washrooms can have. Good hand hygiene procedures help to keep your team and visitors to your premises healthy. Extending your care and consideration to the often smallest room in your premises serves to demonstrate the level of care you provide elsewhere.
And whilst providing a range of effective dispensers to support these facilities we encourage you to go one step further and consider the different options of dispensers available.
Being experts in sheet metal engineering, it comes as no surprise that we extol the benefits we see in metal, but there is a very good reason for this! We’ve been making washroom accessories and dispensers for over 76 years and we’ve extended our range over time to encompass other materials, but we always come back to metal, specifically powder-coated steel and stainless steel.

Why Choose Steel Washroom Dispensers?

Metal dispensers by their very nature are highly durable. Not only do they look stylish, but they stand up to the busiest of conditions. This durability itself brings many benefits including:

• Cost-saving - although the initial outlay for a stainless steel dispenser may be higher than other alternatives in the short term, the robust and durable nature of these units means they should remain in perfect working order for many years to come.
• Reliability brings with it peace of mind, we understand that in business there are more important things to worry about than toilet roll holders (that is until you discover an empty one!)

Therefore, by investing in quality dispensers you can trust, you can put washroom management concerns to one side and concentrate on other priorities.

Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser

A paper towel dispenser has many requirements. Firstly, it needs to provide storage for enough paper towels to serve the visitors to your washroom. It needs to present the next towel in a hygienic manner whilst limiting any contamination from the wet hands of the previous user. The towels need to dispense easily, be not so tight that the towels rip when pulling them, but also not too loose, which can lead to waste and potentially a mess on the floor. Added to this they need to be easy to clean. The way in which a metal dispenser is made helps to limit joints and seams which can often be a playground for grime and harmful bacteria.
Then we get to the servicing. Units need to be secure to protect the paper from pilfering whilst being easy to open and refilled by the cleaning teams. At this point choosing from the same range of dispensers can help greatly as they are all operated by the same key.
We’ve not even started to discuss the design and style a stainless steel dispenser can bring to the washroom.
So, a simple box for paper towels hung on the wall is so much more than it would seem.

Highly Durable Toilet Roll Dispensers

The standards of your commercial and public washrooms are no longer a secret. The ability to rate and review public washrooms is the easiest it has been with new apps allowing people to rate the standard of toilets. It is more important than ever to ensure you are providing the right facilities.
Ensure your visitors never face an empty toilet roll dispenser by installing the right model for your premises; whether that be a double toilet roll dispenser or 3 roll holder. A stainless steel toilet roll holder provides durability and a surface that is easy to clean whilst being stylish. The lock ensures the paper is kept safe from ‘light fingered’ visitors.
Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispensers provide options from mini, midi and maxi roll which can provide in excess of 400m of tissue, reducing the requirement to refill by the cleaning team.

Metal Waste Bins

Waste bins help to keep a washroom looking clean and tidy. A stainless steel waste bin helps take this to another level by being durable, stylish and easy to clean.
Stainless steel is naturally stain resistant helping to keep the surface looking clean.
Metal waste bins by their nature are heavier and therefore more stable to stand up to constant use. Look for designs that allow them to be screwed to the wall for extra security and also designs can hold liners in an easy and convenient manner for emptying.

Supporting Hand Hygiene with Soap Dispensers

Good hand hygiene saves lives. Effective hand hygiene is paramount in healthcare facilities, but never underestimate the importance in other areas. Encouraging and providing facilities for good hand washing helps to keep your team and visitors healthy by reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses that cause illness.
Stainless steel soap dispensers are both stylish and robust. The mechanism to dispense the soap works by push action, which reduces the pressure on the wall fixings ensuring the dispenser stays securely in place.

Transform Your Washroom with Stainless Steel

Whether you are building, refurbishing or just updating your washrooms, a stainless steel range of dispensers can help transform your washroom into a stylish, clean and hygienic environment.
At Dudley Industries we’ve been making metal washroom equipment for over 76 years. We started out making a metal roller towel cabinet in 1942 and since then we’ve honed our skills and continued to invest in the latest metal engineering technology, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry.

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Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
August 15, 2018