The Importance of Vandal Resistant Toilet Roll Holders

The Importance of Vandal Resistant Toilet Roll Holders
Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
November 19, 2018

The provision of public toilets has been on the decline for many years and quite rightly those companies providing washrooms ask you to be a customer before using them.  The lack of available facilities can make daily activities tricky for the elderly, families with young children, and let’s face it, those of us who just need to ‘go’!

Once you’ve found a facility the next hurdle is if it’s up to a standard expected.  Whilst we might all wish to use luxurious, boutique hotel-style washrooms, at the moment we’ll settle for clean and fully stocked.  In worst cases, we’ll just settle for available!  But it doesn’t need to be like this.

Public washrooms are unfortunately often places that attract unsociable behaviour, whether this is vandalism to the dispensers and décor or theft of the contents. All of which leads to increased costs for those providing the washroom facilities by having to re-stock stolen consumables and replace damaged dispensers.

One way to deter vandals is by installing robust dispensers and by choosing equipment with strong locks which can help reduce the level of pilfering.

Why Use Locking Toilet Roll Holders in Your Commercial Washroom?

The theft of toilet rolls might just be for a joke for some or sadly a means to get by for others.  The purpose of this blog isn’t to debate the wider issues in our society as to why it might happen but to address the issue that it comes at the cost of the company providing washroom facilities.

Metal washroom dispensers by their nature are robust and whilst they may be seen as a more expensive outlay at the start, the replacing of less robust dispensers can quickly add up, particularly when you factor in the costs of installation and the inconvenience to other customers.  A small investment upfront could well prove a saving in the long term.

To help secure the contents, a good lock on the unit is  important to help deter vandalism.  But to ensure the servicing and refilling by your teams is as quick and simple as possible choose dispensers from the same range that use a common lock ensuring the cleaning teams only need to carry one type of key.

Durable and robust are not words you might associate with stylish, but it is possible!  Stainless steel and metal dispensers can actually enhance your washroom décor whilst providing an increased level of security.  Our dispensers are also supported by a ten-year warranty for peace of mind in everyday use.

Metal dispensers are available in brushed stainless steel as well as white powder-coated steel so added strength and durability isn’t at the cost of style.
At Dudley Industries we design and manufacture a wide range of stylish metal washroom dispensers.

Our Classic Jumbo Toilet Roll Holder incorporates a full backplate which adds to the overall strength of the unit.  In its fourth generation of design, it has been adapted over the years to increase its strength, robustness and reliability in use.  The large capacity makes it ideal for busy washrooms.  The toilet roll holder can accommodate roll core sizes ranging from 45mm to 76mm making the choice of consumable more flexible and convenient by not restricting the choice to one type or supplier.

The lock which helps secure the contents is located on the top of the unit, again adding to the strength.  It opens by a key and automatically locks on the closure of the cover, known as a slam lock. This removes the need to lock it again for speed and peace of mind.

Help Reduce Theft and Vandalism with the Right Lockable Toilet Paper Dispenser

Whilst we can’t guarantee a vandal and theft free washroom environment there are steps that can be taken to help create a secure, clean and hygienic washroom without impacting on style.
At Dudley Industries we are experts in quality sheet metal engineering specialising in washroom dispensers. We design and manufacture our exclusive ranges to provide a little bit of luxury and style to a washroom.

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Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
November 19, 2018