When only the best washroom dispensers are good enough

Despite being the smallest room, a washroom has a huge influence on how your customers perceive your brand and evidences the attention you pay to the smallest things.
Presenting a clean washroom with good facilities is a given. Providing ultra-stylish fixtures and fittings is great when budget allows.  And then we have the washrooms that demand nothing but the very best, and by that we mean the 24-carat best!
This is how our most expensive dispenser came to fruition.  The soap dispenser is based on our Platinum collection of washroom dispensers which presents a stylish, curvaceous and ergonomic design.  The finish is a luxurious 24-carat gold.

Premium Soap Dispenser

Not only does this dispenser look stylish but the reliable dispensing mechanism ensures its reliability and functionality.  Our pumps are tested to over 300,000 actuations which is a good thing, as with a soap dispenser this beautiful you’d want to use it repeatedly.
So stylish is this dispenser that it would complement the décor in the world’s most expensive washroom.  According to Guinness World Records jeweller Lam Sai-wing built a £2.4m washroom in his shop in Hong Kong. The sanitary ware is all made from 24 carat solid gold.  The ceiling is decorated with ruby, sapphire, emerald and amber.  Not forgetting the floor which is inlaid with what else than 2lb gold bars.
Although most of us will unfortunately never have the opportunity to use such luxurious facilities we can look at the photos, watch the documentaries and dream!

Luxury Washroom Facilities

But on a serious note if you do specify for high end facilities including hotels and corporate head offices and your clients are looking for pure luxury to surpass the market, please contact us and we will be only too happy to showcase this amazing soap dispenser.
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