Introducing Modulo, our latest innovation

Introducing Modulo, our latest innovation
Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
September 17, 2018

‘Behind the mirror’ washroom dispensers cleverly utilise the space behind a hinged mirror that is usually positioned above the hand-wash basins.  They provide the ideal solution for hand hygiene whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the décor scheme and maximising space efficiency.

Making the smallest room the most space efficient

This new modular system is both super stylish and functional whilst being easy to maintain and refill. The remaining space in the unit can also be used for the storage of spare consumables such as paper towels and soap ensuring the top-up process is always quick and easy and your washroom is free from clutter.
As well as being stylish another benefit of the behind the mirror system is that the whole hand washing process from soap to drying is kept over the counter, helping to prevent drips on the floor caused when wet hands are moved across to the drying solution.  These drips can be unsightly, cause additional cleaning and present a potential slip hazard.
Our new range provides a complete modular solution.  Available in either 600mm or 1200mm widths to suit all locations.
The system allows you to choose the best combination of dispensers for your specific location.
Select from:

The 600mm unit enables one soap and one drying choice.  The 1200mm supports two soaps and two drying options or even three drying solutions if you so choose.  Blanking plates are available should you prefer not to utilise the full configurations available.
Each unit is 250mm deep and the front panel is easy to lift thanks to gas damper struts.
Design and manufactured in the UK from high grade stainless steel the system is robust, stylish, easy to use and not forgetting easy for your cleaning teams to replenish.

The benefits of a modular system:

The modular system allows for simple installation followed a bespoke configuration of dispensers that can be tailored for your premises and specific washroom.  Soaps and hand drying options can be positioned in multiple locations within the unit ensuring the most convenient and handy position above your basins.

Choice of cover:

The units can be located behind a hinged mirror or other panel such as opaque or coloured glass.  For a truly unique approach why not consider tinted glass that showcases the inner workings of the dispensers and stock levels.  We have become accustomed to concealing the contents of dispensers to keep them clean but when they are sheltered behind the glass why not showcase the mechanisms and technology that goes into the dispensers for a more interesting washroom experience.
This new system provides the latest innovations in hand washing and drying technology, housed within a sophisticated cabinet it best utilises the limited space available in what is often the smallest room.
If you would like any further information on this new concept please contact our team at sales@dudleyindustries.com
This new range adds to our recessed units and wash station product categories.  For more information on these other ranges click here
We are launching this new product at The Hotel Show in Dubai and London Build in October.

Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
September 17, 2018