Comprehensive Cleaning Guidelines for Gyms in 2023

Comprehensive Cleaning Guidelines for Gyms in 2023
Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
July 6, 2023

A gym and fitness facility can see very high daily traffic, with approximately 14% of the UK population being members of a gym. Ensuring both customer and staff safety is a top priority. Nothing will turn customers away more than a dirty unhygienic gym, so you should ensure you are doing everything you can to provide a clean and safe environment.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the emphasis on following good hygiene has increased dramatically and many gym owners and customers are now taking hygiene issues more seriously.

In this blog, we'll look at the best cleaning guidelines for gyms in 2023 and why it's so important to provide the cleanest environment for your users.

The Importance of a Clean Gym

Having a clean gym is important for a variety of reasons. Let's have a look at some of these in more detail.

Creates an Excellent First Impression

First impressions in commercial gyms are essential to creating a positive brand image and it can assure customers that you are a professional business and lead to increased trust. If a customer is focusing on their health and fitness, they will want to know that they are in a safe gym setting where their wellbeing is prioritised, so make sure to provide this experience for them.

Reduced Risk of Illnesses

As a gym owner, you can benefit from providing a safe and hygienic environment to benefit both your staff and customers. Public spaces can typically be a breeding ground for a wide variety of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses. As many people are interacting with equipment and contact points throughout the day, and a range of skin cells and moisture collect on surfaces, consistent cleaning routines can help combat this bacteria and reduce the transmission of germs.

Encourages Customers to Return

One of the biggest factors of having a successful gym is that you have returning members. If your gym environment is dirty, then customer loyalty will decrease rapidly.

Engage in regular cleaning to create a positive brand image and encourage your customers to return which will boost your revenue in the long term.

Gym Cleaning Checklist

Your daily cleaning schedule can be quite extensive. Let's break down the areas of your gym to focus on to achieve a great clean.

Equip Yourself with the Right Cleaning Materials

Cleaning is more than just soap and water! Some surfaces require stronger chemicals to successfully eliminate bacteria and sanitise the area.

Cleaning supplies can also include:

  • Correct PPE equipment - includes gloves, hair ties masks, shoe covers and protective eyewear if necessary.
  • Disinfectant liquid - different liquids need to be left on surfaces for varying amounts of time so always refer to the product guidelines.
  • Cleaning cloths and wipes
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Dusters
  • Mops and buckets

Disinfect Gym Equipment

Exercise equipment should be regularly wiped down to prevent the spread of unwanted germs and bacteria. As these see such frequent use, ideally these would be wiped down after each use, but this isn't always achievable by your cleaning team at peak times, so by encourage your customers to wipe down equipment after use it a good solution. Gym equipment to focus on cleaning should include free weights, cardio machines, yoga mats and other workout equipment.

As a more regular cleaning solution and to encourage users to wipe down their machines after use, always provide disinfectant wipes or cleaning materials nearby as an incentive for them to do so.

Locker Rooms and Changing Areas

Don't forget about the rooms outside of the main gym area. Locker rooms and changing areas all have many contact points that should be regularly cleaned. Surfaces such as benches, vanity worktops, door handles, lockers and floors are all interacted with regularly and require daily cleaning.


For fitness facilities that also have onsite swimming pools and saunas, don't neglect the cleaning of contact points such as door handles, floor surfaces, benches and towel rails. Don't forget to check the high up areas and dust them accordingly.


When it comes to the gym washroom, hygiene should be at top of your list. Customers and staff will expect the washroom to be fresh and clean to use. Locks, toilets, taps, hand dryers, mirrors and any other touch points should be carefully cleaned regularly to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses that can occur.

One way you can provide both customers and staff with a better washroom experience is by investing in high quality washroom accessories such as commercial hand dryers and soap dispensers. Investment in cheaper, inferior products may be seen as a way to save money upfront but they are often not as reliable, sturdy or suitable for the high-footfall gym washrooms have. Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative to exceed expectations and provide a better washroom experience with our high quality washroom products. At Dudley Industries, our expertly manufactured equipment helps to create a safe, hygienic environment and present an excellent image of your business to both staff and visitors alike, with an emphasis on style and durability.

How Stainless-Steel Accessories Create a Better Washroom Experience in Gyms

When considering premium washroom products, consider using stainless steel dispensers as they present many benefits.

Durability and Resistant to Staining and Corrosion

Stainless steel is highly durable due to its hard structure and with that comes its impact, corrosion, heat and fire resistance. It is a very strong metal that can withstand many harmful conditions and this massively boosts its longevity. Cost efficiency is important for everyone and a long-lasting product can save you a lot of unnecessary costs over time.


Stainless steel is hygienic; bacteria, along with other pathogens cannot grow on its surface. In addition to this, stainless steel appliances are also very easy to maintain, clean and disinfect which makes them a suitable fit for frequent everyday use.

As the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention state, hand washing is one of the most effective ways you can prevent germs from spreading. Investing in washroom accessories that prevent the growth of bacteria is a great step in reducing the likelihood of bacteria transmission and helps to keep people safer for longer.

More Visually Appealing

The bright and sleek design of stainless steel makes it stand out amongst other materials and can provide your gym washroom with that premium, attractive appearance that demonstrates that presentation is important in your washroom.

Protect Gym Members and Staff With Stainless Steel Washroom Accessories

Dudley Industries offer a range of stainless steel washroom accessories to help provide a hygienic washroom environment for the users of your gym premises. Our impressive product range includes sleek, durable and easy to clean accessories that make a great addition to any commercial washroom.

Contact us today to get started and enhance your gym washroom experience. We're here to help!

Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
July 6, 2023