Hand Hygiene in the Workplace: A Best Practice Guide

best practice guide to hand hygiene infographic

Working in unity with cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, practicing effective hand hygiene is key to infection control and never has this been more important than now. As we return to work there is a requirement that we all must increase our frequency of hand washing and sanitising. But what does this mean in reality and what steps can be taken to achieve this in the workplace?

This guide will cover the steps you can take to encourage thorough and effective hand hygiene practices and what things need to be planned for in your business.

The information featured in this guide has been prepared by Dudley Industries based on the latest Government guidance and concentrates purely on hand hygiene.

In this guide you will find:

  1. Government Guidelines on Hand Hygiene
  2. Effective Hand Hygiene Guidance
  3. Hand Sanitiser Locations in the Workplace
  4. Hand Washing & Sanitising Posters
  5. How to Choose Dispensers & how they help to promote effective hand hygiene

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