Platinum Clearview Roller Towel Cabinet


Stainless Steel


W. 405mm x H. 480mm x D. 275mm


7.14 kg


Brushed & Lacquered

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Product Information

Premium Roller Towel Dispenser

It is important to provide effective hand drying facilities in your washrooms to prevent the spread of bacteria carried by wet or damp hands. Roller towels provide an ideal hand drying solution. The Platinum Clearview Roller Towel Cabinet is made from premium grade stainless steel ensuring it is robust and highly durable. Its stylish and sleek design is well suited to any washroom décor. To avoid cross contamination, the used portion of towel is internally separated from the fresh towel, ensuring a hygienic hand drying experience.

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Product Information.

  • Roller towels are an ideal hand drying solution when power for a hand dryer is not suitable and without the waste of paper towels
  • The clear view reservoir enables an instant check on the level of unused towel available
  • The used portion of towel is securely separated from the unused section
  • The cabinet is easy to unlock and automatically locks on closure
  • Feed length of the towel is set at 17.5cm per portion
  • Innovative coating helps prevent fingerprint marks to keep dispensers looking their best
  • Easy to wipe clean