‘Behind The Mirror’ Paper Towel Dispenser – Flat End


Stainless Steel


W. 270mm x H. 491mm x D. 120mm


2.2 kg



Product Code


Product Information

Concealed Paper Towel Cabinet

Space in washrooms can be limited, so it is important to make the most of the space available. This Flat End Paper Towel Dispenser utilises the concealed storage space behind a mirror and provides the ideal hand drying solution. Wet or damp hands can spread germs rapidly around a building, so it is vital that effective hand drying facilities are provided to your washroom users. This highly durable paper towel dispenser is loaded with C Fold or multi-fold paper towels.

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Product Information

  • Discrete housing for paper towels utilising the cavity behind a mirror
  • Spring loaded flaps at the base of the unit allow paper towels to be dispensed and easily re-filled
  • Suitable for C fold or multi-fold interleaved paper towels
  • Fixes in line with the base of the mirror cabinet to maintain clean lines