Classic 1 Litre Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

This robust and hygienic wall mounted stainless steel hand sanitiser dispenser is ideal for any commercial washroom. Bacteria can be easily spread from people’s hands, meaning it’s very important to provide effective hand sanitising facilities. This dispenser holds up to 1 litre of your chosen hand sanitiser formulation.


Stainless Steel


W.113mm x H.249mm x D.93mm





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Product Information

Classic Stainless Steel Hand Sanitiser Dispenser


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Our Classic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is constructed from highly durable and hygienic stainless steel and holds up to 1 litre of your choice of formulation making it ideal for all locations no matter how busy.  Now more than ever it is very important to provide solutions throughout your premises so that staff and visitors can maintain effective hand hygiene, reducing the spread of bacteria around your premises.

This dispenser is easily operated via a push lever, which dispenses a generous amount of formulation onto hands. To prevent pilfering, the unit features a secure locking mechanism.

Find out more about our Classic 1 Litre Hand Sanitiser Soap Dispenser by contacting our team or explore our full range of commercial soap dispensers.

Also works in conjunction with the Dispenser Stand.  See HERE for further details.

More Information

  • Suitable for both gel and liquid formulation the large 1L capacity makes this dispenser suitable for the busiest of locations
  • The pump can be supplied for gel or spray formulations – PLEASE ADVISE WHEN ORDERING
  • Easily operated by one hand pushing the lever to dispense the solution into the hand
  • Locking mechanism secures and protects the bulk fill reservoir from contamination
  • Easy to unlock and cover hinges forward for ease of filling
  • Cover simply snap locks into place when closing
  • Available in attractive brushed stainless steel

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