7 Things A Washroom Tells Customers About a Business

7 Things A Washroom Tells Customers About a Business
Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
January 20, 2020

Whilst it can be the smallest room, your washroom can play a big role in how customers, visitors and staff perceive your business. However, the importance of the washroom is often overlooked; but it shouldn’t be! Visitors can make an instant judgement of a company based on washroom facilities both positive and negative. In extreme cases of unhygienic washrooms employees may avoid using toilets completely leading to lack of job satisfaction. Most of us will have read reports on companies providing poor working conditions, tight restrictions on when facilities can be used etc. and whilst a washroom may not be solely to blame it’s hard to ignore their influence.

And what about washrooms in public places? Have you ever been put off from returning to a place because of the poor toilet conditions? Smelly, no toilet paper, water on the floor or no soap? The lack of basic facilities will be talked about and can paint a business in a very negative light! On the other hand fantastic washrooms can add to the overall positive impression of a venue.

You want to make sure your business is remembered for the right reasons, here are just some things your washroom can tell customers about your business.

7 Things Your Washroom Can Reflect About Your Business

1. You Want to Deliver the Best Experience

A lot of factors contribute towards the customer or employee experience and the washroom plays a key part. By maintaining your washrooms facilities to a high standard, this can show that you want to deliver the best possible experience, every time. Failure to provide a nice washroom can lead to negative word of mouth both online and offline and the wrong impression of how you care and do business.  With the growing trend for washroom rating 'Apps' there is no hiding place!

2. You Take Hygiene & Health Seriously

Washrooms are a common place for bacteria to thrive. Providing effective handwashing facilities that include soap and hand dryers can reduce the spread of harmful bacteria. But an 'out of order' sign on a hand dryer or empty paper towel and soap dispensers can unfortunately show that you don’t take health and hygiene seriously in your business.

3. Clean Washroom = Clean Business

Particularly in businesses such as restaurants and hotels, levels washroom cleanliness can provide customers with an insight on how other ‘unseen’ parts of the business may be! You wouldn’t want to experience a dirty restaurant washroom as would make you stop and wonder just how clean the kitchens are? Neglecting to keep on top of washroom cleanliness can present a negative impression and lead to unhappy customers.  Extra products that can help to keep your washroom facility looking safe and tidy include toilet seat cleaners  and waste bins.

4. You Care About Your Employees

A recent study found that the average office worker spends 14 minutes going to the toilet on a daily basis even if they don’t even need it! Whilst this may not seem like much, over a year this equates to a total of 56 hours a year!  So with more people going to the toilet and for longer (even if it is to keep up to date with the latest stories on Instagram!) this means your washroom can’t be forgotten about! Making sure your washroom facilities are clean and hygienic can show a higher level of care for your employees and their health.

If you have a multi-cultural workforce, care can be demonstrated by installing facilities like WUDU wash stations in your business to support ritual ablutions.

5. You Care About the Environment

Trends are showing that consumers are increasingly choosing to buy products and use services from companies that really care about the environment. With technologies evolving, you can show you take corporate social responsibility seriously right from your washroom. Washroom products such as eco-friendly hand dryers that dry hands fast or sensor taps and flushes or auto cut towel dispensers that help reduce waste. are all good ways to reduce your business’ environmental impact and show you care.

6. A Reflection of Your Brand

The way in which your washroom is designed can be a reflection of your brand. Whether your customers are in the reception, restaurant or washroom, your business should utilise every opportunity to be consistent with your brand image and values. Yes, you have to get the basics right and washrooms are primarily functional but everything from your feminine hygiene units to the dispensers you choose through to the colour on your walls can be a reflection on your brand. Choosing premium washroom products can show you’re a premium brand for example. Some washroom equipment manufacturers  are branching out and offering colourful washroom dispensers that can complement a business’ brand and washroom décor. The smallest room is part of the whole brand experience.

7. You Pay Attention to Details

You’ve got the basics right but little extras in a washroom can go a long way and show that you pay attention to the finer details throughout the business. Extras in a washroom that go beyond what is laid out by HSE  include having coat hooks on doors, air freshener units  or waste bins in place for increased levels of cleanliness.

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Dudley Industries
Post by Dudley Industries
January 20, 2020