Introducing the WUDU Washstation

Wudu Wash Station

Here at the Dudley team we pride ourselves on innovation and quality.  This means we are constantly adding new products and ranges to our portfolio.  The latest introduction is our WUDU Wash station.  This is a product that might not be familiar to everyone so we thought we would take a few minutes to explain why we’ve developed this range and why we think it’s important for you to consider.

WUDU is a process for washing and a prerequisite before undertaking Islamic prayer.  It is a strict process for ablutions, i.e. washing parts of the body (hands, feet, face etc.) in a structured process that must be performed in sequence.  It is performed by both men and women, although these areas must be segregated and access to the prayer room from the ablution space must not intersect.  There are differences in the way WUDU is performed in different denominations of Islam but the requirement for clean water and facilities remains constant.

Islamic washing ritual before prayer

It is estimated that up to 25% of the world’s population follow the Islam religion, with most actively undertaking the religious duties which includes praying five times a day. Whilst making prayer and multi faith facilities available in shared environments is common place, less well considered are the supporting facilities such as toilets and ablution spaces.
Our design of WUDU gave consideration to the following areas:

  • The water provided is fresh running water and is not recycled ensuring that hands and feet are not washed in the same water.
  • As WUDU concerns the washing of both hands and feet the unit needed to be easily operated and provide stability when users are washing their feet.
  • The opportunity for splashback of water minimised to prevent accidently splashing clothing.
  • Soap holder is centrally positioned so as to not cause interference
  • The water saving tap reduces water usage by up to 80% compared with a conventional tap
  • Hygiene is increased through the hinged foot grate providing easy access for cleaning
  • Being careful not to waste water is highly recommended in Islam and therefore, the unit incorporates auto shut off valves to stop the taps.

In today’s exciting, multi-cultural society we need to deliver on the values of diversity that are at the heart of many of our organisations.  Providing prayer, multi-faith rooms and WUDU washing facilities is step towards achieving this equality.  So, if you have a diverse workforce or visitor profile you need to consider providing the best washroom facilities that accommodate the different needs.

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