Wudu Wash Station

Material:304 Stainless Steel
(black or white powder coated finishes)
Dimensions:W.510mm x H.780mm x D.450mm
Finish:Black (Ref: 95000BK) / White (Ref:95000WH)

Product Information

Wudu Wash Unit

Our Wudu Wash Station provides the ideal solution for washing in preparation for prayer, making it ideal for places of worship. The Wudu Wash unit is constructed from stainless steel to ensure durability and robustness. The wash station features a tap with a soap holder conveniently placed above to support ritual washing. Water flow is managed through a push tap to ensure efficiency and reduce water usage.

To provide a complete Wudu Wash Station solution the unit also features a hinged foot wash trough to support feet washing. The trough bottom is grated to ensure that water is quickly drained away after use to maintain hygiene standards.

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Product Information

  • Supports ritual ablutions before prayer.
  • As WUDU concerns the washing of both hand and feet the unit is easily operated and provides stability when users are washing their feet.
  • The opportunity for splash back of water is minimised to prevent accidentally splashing clothing.
  • Soap holder is centrally positioned so as to not cause interference.
  • The water saving tap reduces water usage by up to 80% compared with a conventional tap.
  • Hygiene is increased through the hinged foot grate providing easy access for cleaning.
  • Incorporated auto shut-off water isolation valve.