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Dudley Industries offer high quality contract manufacturing services for sheet metal fabrication for every kind of product and projects. We provide a dedicated service for bespoke metal solutions and over the years have helped hundreds of companies realise their projects from concept through to large scale production, and are renowned as a world-class designer and manufacturer of innovative, quality metal products.

Expert Contract Manufacturing for Businesses Across the UK

With over 80 years of experience, we guarantee to provide high-quality contract manufacturing expertise supported by our in-house, professional design and consultancy service.

Types of Contract Manufacturing Services

From metal forming to welding to assembly, cleaning and branding, we offer a number of services depending on your business requirements. Here we’ve listed our bespoke solutions.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our investment in the very latest cutting technology enables superior precision cutting performance and quality edge finishes. Our wide choice of equipment allows us to select the most efficient and cost-effective method to deliver your bespoke project.

Power Press

Metal Forming

With our range of forming capabilities, we can establish the best bending process for your project. Our experienced team operate diligently to create bespoke parts that fit your specification.

Discover our metal forming capabilities and services and let us help you select the best process for your project.



Combined with our experienced team and extensive welding facilities, Dudley Industries offer welding services to cover projects as thin as 0.5mm up to 8mm. Our services complete with Mig, Tig, spot and robotic welding ensure we can provide you with the ideal solution for your project.

Discover our welding services.


Metal Finishing

We offer many facilities in-house including robotic linishing and powder and wet paint plants to help us achieve high quality finishes on even the most complex of designs to deliver an end-to-end service in an efficient and cost-effective way. We can apply standard colours as well as architectural paints and lacquers.

Discover more about our metal finishing services and the custom finishes we provide.


Assembly and Cleaning

We offer high quality project assembly and cleaning services to ensure a perfect final product every time. We want you to feel confident in our quality which is why our assembly process includes testing facilities from our experienced team to ensure product compliance throughout the process.

Find out more about our assembly and cleaning services.


Warehousing & Distribution

Our warehousing and distribution facilities allow us to store all items including projects made to your specification and requirements safely and securely ready for dispatch. All items are packed to your specification and requirement.

Learn more about our warehousing and distribution services.


Sheet Metal Design

We use the latest Solid Edge design software to bring your concepts to life. Whatever stage your designs are at, we work with our customers to optimise their designs and ensure they’re produced efficiently delivering value for money.

 The team provide design and development capabilities along with their technical expertise and engineering experience to meet your requirements. Discover more about our bespoke sheet metal design services.



We understand the importance of positioning your brand in a good light to stand out and promote business success which is why we work to ensure the company brand message of our clients is communicated in the best way, through labelling, screen printing or laser etching.

Discover our branding services.


Metal Tooling

Our digital, high-precision machines allow us to create your own small press tools to the exact requirements of your project. We continually invest in new, innovative equipment and tools to allow us to deliver more capabilities to our clients.

Find out how our metal tooling services can help your business.

Contract Manufacturing for Different Sectors

No matter the need, we’re passionate about creating custom products and solutions for a wide range of applications, working closely with our clients from the start of the project to the end. We offer contract manufacturing for businesses across a range of sectors including:

The Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

A hiring company may opt for Contract Manufacturing for several main reasons: these being exceptional knowledge and experience, ease and reduced costs to develop new product lines. The biggest savings in implementing contract manufacturing include avoiding the need to build and staff in-house production.

In addition, when a contract manufacturer takes on the entire production of a hiring firm, they can action the manufacturing efficiently, with quality and on a wider scale, but with reduced costs. For businesses outsourcing manufacturer expertise, this can leas to a faster turnaround and increased business opportunity which means greater success across the organisation. 

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Dudley Industries is a contract manufacturer with an ethos to continually improve and exceed the expectations of our customers. We achieve this through our stringent company practices and procedures, externally audited accredited to achieve ISO 9001:2015.

We place emphasis on cellular lean manufacturing with rigorous quality control measures on all fabricated products and are proud of every manufacturing project we are part of.

Speak to our team today for advice, guidance or a quotation for your contract manufacturing project.


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