Stainless Steel Washstation (Standard)

Material:Stainless Steel
Dimensions:W.422mm x H.815mm x D.176mm
Finish:Brushed (5023000)

Product Information

Automatic Washstation for Washrooms

Space in washrooms is often limited making this recessed stainless steel washstation unit the ideal hand hygiene facility. It combines a soap dispenser, tap and a warm air hand dryer all in one highly convenient solution. It only requires a 100mm recess and can be fitted in standard stud walls. Servicing can be done from the front or rear, meaning it is well suited to smaller washrooms, as it eliminates the need for sinks.

This wash station is constructed from highly durable and robust stainless steel ensuring that the wash station provides a long-term hand washing and drying solution, making it ideal for washrooms that experience a high footfall of users.

Providing effective hand washing facilities in washrooms is vital to reduce the spread of potentially harmful bacteria. Improve hand hygiene standards in your washroom with our stainless steel hand wash station. Find out more by contacting our team.

Product Information

  • Fully automated hand washing station incorporating running water, soap and hand dryer.
  • Design to fit neatly into a recessed wall cavity to help main washroom aesthetics and decor.
  • Ideal for washrooms where space is limited.