Classic 2 Roll Cored Toilet Paper Dispenser

Material:Stainless Steel
Dimensions:W.135mm x H. 272mm x D. 159mm
Packing/Carton:1 Piece
Packing/Pallet:64 Pieces
Finishes:Brushed (78417SS)
Polished (78417PS)
White Powder Coated (78417WH)

Product Information

Dispenser for Cored Toilet Paper

Part of our timeless Classic Range, this 2 Roll Cored Toilet Dispenser is constructed from highly durable stainless steel with a locking mechanism to prevent pilfering. The dispenser features an open viewing window, so the fill level can be easily and quickly ascertained. This unit can be loaded with two 100m core toilet rolls making it ideal for washrooms that experience a high usage.

The innovative inertia type brake mechanism fitted to this dispenser helps to prevent waste paper. This dispenser is available in three different finishes including brushed and polished stainless steel, and white powder coated steel, meaning you can choose the style that suits your washroom décor best.

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Product Information.

  • Suitable for two 100m cored toilet rolls
  • Ensures a spare roll is always available, which drops into place when required
  • Inertia type brake mechanism helps to prevent the unnecessary wasting of paper
  • Locking mechanism secures and protects the toilet rolls from pilfering
  • Available in polished and brushed stainless steel and powder coated steel