Platinum 375ml Toilet Seat Cleaner


Stainless Steel 


W. 89mm x H. 194mm x D. 88 mm


Brushed & Lacquered

Product Code



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Product Information

Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispenser

Provide a caring and considerate washroom environment for users by providing a toilet seat cleaning dispenser in your washrooms that allows the toilet seat to be hygienically clean. This can help to maintain high hygiene standards and prevent the chances of cross contamination of potentially harmful germs between users.

Our Platinum Toilet Seat Cleaner holds 375ml of cleaning solution. The push operated system allows for a liberal spray of cleanser, which can then be used to wipe the toilet seat and flush handle before use killing bacteria. Features including a viewing window, so the fill level can be easily ascertained by your washroom service team and a secure locking mechanism.

The innovative coating will help to prevent dirty marks, such as fingerprints, from showing, which will help to maintain your washroom aesthetic. Stainless steel construction ensures that the dispenser is highly durable and will continue to provide a long term hygienic solution in your washrooms.

Improve hygiene standards in your washroom with our Platinum 375ml Toilet Seat Cleaner. Find out more by contacting our team.

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More Information

  • For increased washroom hygiene.
  • Push operated spray formulation.  Spray on to toilet tissue to wipe the seat and flush handle.
  • Recessed two-pin, locking mechanism secures and protects refill from pilfering and contamination
  • Innovative coating helps prevent fingerprint marks to keep dispensers looking their best
  • Easy to unlock and the cover hinges forward for ease of filling
  • Cover simply snap locks into place when closing
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Cartridge Refill:  5008800, 375ml x 12

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