Plant List

We operate one of the most advanced manufacturing factories in the country. Our software, equipment and processes are focused on delivering high quality product every time. This requires an attention to detail and an obsession with improving our products and processes.

Dudley Industries understands what it takes to deliver on time, every time. That’s why we invest annually in our machinery and employees.

Our Values
  • Competitive prices
  • High quality, high performance
  • Great customer service and communication throughout
  • Skilled manufacturing and production teams
  • Innovative manufacturing processes and work methodologies
Plant List

We are constantly evaluating, reviewing and expanding our plant list, please find below a detailed list of our current in-house machinery and equipment.

2Flat Bed Laser, CO2Sheet Size Range: 2500mm x 1250mm.
Max Thickness: 4mm Stainless, 4mm Mild Steel, 3mm Aluminium
1Flat Bed Laser FibreSheet Size Range: 3000mm x 1500mm
Max Thickness: 8mm Stainless Steel, 15mm Mild Steel, 6mm Aluminum
15 Axis Laser
1Punch PressSheet Size Range: 2000mm x 1250mm
2Power Rollers
9Press BrakesBed Size: Up to 2m
1Corner Former
1Haegar PressClinch Studs & Clinch Nuts
Spot WeldingCoated Steel & Stainless Steel
4Stud WeldUp to M8
PressesRange of Presses from 25ton - 400ton
1Hydraulic Press250 ton
1Robot Linishing Cell
1Robot TIG Welding
1Paint PlantPowder
1Laser Etcher

Vision & Values

We pride our-self on our flexible approach and competitive prices. Our skilled and experienced workforce is committed to manufacturing products with an emphasis on quality, for the benefit of our customers.

Washroom Products

We are a leading supplier of washroom equipment to the top 5 Blue Chip washroom consumable companies worldwide and have a reputation with our UK and EU customers for providing high quality products.

Our Quality

Throughout the manufacturing process and prior to dispatch, products are picked at random and taken through a vigorous set of quality control procedures, maintaining the high standards demanded by Dudley Industries.

Our Products

Our innovation in washroom accessories equipment ensures we continually develop products that offer different types of business the right solutions.

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