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Welcome to Dudley Industries


Dudley Industries is a leading UK manufacturer of high quality commercial washroom equipment for a number of reputable clients worldwide. With over 70 years experience in supplying premium quality washrooms, we have established a strong reputation both in the UK and abroad.

Dudley is proud to be one of few commercial washroom equipment suppliers that manufacturers all of our products in the UK. Our modern facility manufactures superior performance, stainless steel sheet metal products which are widely used within a range of industries and utilises the latest state of the art machinery.


Additional Services:

Sub-Con – We have the ability to provide the required resources to support a diverse customer base with very different needs, from low cost/medium volume products, to support Facilities management activities, to high value/low volume design-led customer base in architectural/office environment.

Product Branding – We can help you enhance your brand. To ensure your brand ‘stands out’ in the washroom we can add your logo to all our washroom items. This service is available for both low and high volume orders.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) – We have a team of in house designers who by using the latest Computer Aided Design technology can create and maintain a vast portfolio of established and custom-made designs.